San Jose, Mindoro–July 24, 2010

San Jose, Mindoro–July 24, 2010
As I have said in the past, not every Lakwatsa turns out as one expects. Then again, since I didn’t exactly have any plans made out for this trip, expectation was low. Simply put, it rained throughout the entire weekend. Not as strong as it did in Manila, but it rained nonetheless. Every now and then there were splotches of sun peering though the cloudy sky… but these moments would last an hour at most. Oh well… at least I made it to San Jose and escaped the downpour in Manila.

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Probably the most known “touristy” spot in Mindoro is Puerto Gallera which one takes a ferry from the Batangas Port to travel to. This trip takes me to the southern end of the island of Mindoro.
The town of San Jose, Mindoro is a small town with a very decent sized airport. The airport used be the Thomas Mcguire Airstrip during World War II and used to be home to B-24 bombers. After the war, the airport became the hub of air flight into Mindoro.
SanJoseMindoro20100724 107
Just outside the airport is a monument to the Tamaraw (aka Mindoro Dwarf Buffalo). One of the trips I wanted to make while in Mindoro was to visit the Tamaraw sanctuary.
SanJoseMindoro20100724 104
I got to my hotel for the night. The El Mora Hotel. I had attempted to book myself in other hotels but didn’t get a very welcoming experience when I called them. Then I accidentally found this hotel in another travel blog on Virtual Tourist, as such… that is how I got to stay here. It was very a very nice place and seemed out of place for such a small town. It actually resembled one of those new zen-style homes one would see in Makati.
SanJoseMindoro20100724 074
Nice design. It had a pool. But no water. It had a restaurant called Pilot’s Lounge. Good food.
SanJoseMindoro20100724 012
As you can see from the architecture and the room décor… it certainly does not look like a small town hotel.
SanJoseMindoro20100724 016
Even had an LCD and a split-type air conditioner.
SanJoseMindoro20100724 014
I walked around the beach late that afternoon going up and down the beach at dusk. Looked quite interesting. After walking around for around 45min I went back to the hotel to take a nap. When I woke up, I was ready for some dinner when I realized…
It was raining.
SanJoseMindoro20100724 020
The next morning I took a walk along the beach to appreciate the beach during daylight.
SanJoseMindoro20100724 078
SanJoseMindoro20100724 087
SanJoseMindoro20100724 085
Don’t be to deceived by the pictures I took above… because 30 min later. It rained.
I had planned to do some Island hoping to investigate the many Islets within visual range of the beach. But when discussing with the local boatmen, the trip would not be smooth due to the weather. And it was raining in the far islands (you can see some of the rain in the picture above)… alas scrap that idea.
Fellow Travel Blogger Ivan Henares suggested I go to Apo Reef… which I hear is really great. Again, under normal circumstances maybe… but the rains literally put a damper on things.
So I decided on a short trip to the town for a look around.
First, a stop at the town square…
SanJoseMindoro20100724 023
SanJoseMindoro20100724 029
SanJoseMindoro20100724 033
SanJoseMindoro20100724 038
Then a visit to St. Joseph’s Cathedral next to the town square (every major town has the town square, City Hall, and main Church next to each other)
SanJoseMindoro20100724 041
SanJoseMindoro20100724 046
SanJoseMindoro20100724 052
We went out of the town and stopped by the local port.
SanJoseMindoro20100724 057
SanJoseMindoro20100724 062
It was at this time that I was supposed to head for the Tamaraw Sanctuary. And then… it rained. And rained. Then it rained some more.
I decided to abandon my quest and head back to the hotel. Where it rained. And rained. And rained a little more.
I took advantage of the rain and had another great nap. I had lunch then proceeded back to the airport to catch my flight.
It was a relaxing stay in this interesting little town where life was slow. And despite my island hoping and tamaraw adventures were rained out. It was still quite an in interesting lakwatsa.
Note: I know my pictures don’t seem to show it. It was actually quite cloudy and wet the whole weekend.

SanJoseMindoro20100724 072

El Mora Hotel Contact: +63 (43) 491-4869


  1. Wow lahat na ng blog entry mo may google map ah… hehehe

    • I try. Hehe. Some folks keep on asking me where things are so I hope it helps.

  2. ei nice blogs very informative, can i add u in my ym list.

  3. nkakatuwa nmn! :) ksama sa list ng lakwatsa mo ang san jose..hometwon ni daddy =)

    try nyo rin po sa Pan de amerikana sa white plains katipunan..first and only upside down resto in SE Asia.. main branch nla s marikina pero chess inspired, ang cute prmoise..we’ve been der kahapon lng po..hehe.. ok po mgshoot dun..and very affordable ang food. =)
    actually mrami pong pwede pag foodtripan along katipunan na pwede nyo ishare, like “Gayuma ni Maria” & “Van Gogh is Bipolar”.. di ko pa po nattry un pero intresting, ang weird kc…pwede nyo po xa iblog b4 ko itry.. lol!
    God bless po! 😀

    • correction po..gayuma ni maria is not in katipunan..Maginhawa Street, V. Luna Ext. Q.C po pla.. churi.. =)

      • I have been to Gayuma… I was underwhelmed

  4. gudmorning tanong ko lang if magkano mga rooms sa el mora tnxx

    • Hi Joan, I listed the contact number. It’s best to give them a call and inquire directly.

  5. Hey! How much was the hotel rate?

  6. I was amazed to find a local tourist featuring our town. Unfortunately, these were just a glimpse of San Jose, Occidental Mindoro. You’ve been here in July 2010 and things were in the start of development then. If you were able to be here last May 2011 or even now, you’ll be shocked with the difference. You may see my Facebook account and find my photos there, album “San Jose, Occidental Mindoro”, and it will definitely give you some more ideas and places to go in our place — the Ilin and Ambulong Islands are nice places to go, the White Island, the Manadi Island or Luli (Lulubog-Lilitaw), the Grace Island Resort, the Ambulong Blue Water, the powder white sand beaches of Inasakan, the Tamaraw Genepool, Linaw Baboy, the remnants of the World War II and the Spanish regime, etc. So many places to go :-)

  7. Hi Lakwatsero!
    Vincent’s right. It’s unfortunate that you came to San Jose at the wrong time. We were just starting then. But I want to invite you now and see our wonderful place. In case you come over, drop by our tourism office and we will assist you. As for everyone who wants to inquire about San Jose, just text me at this number: 09225376366 or call (043)-4911301. tnx.

    • Thanks Cynthia. I will consult you and the tourism office next time I visit San Jose.

  8. Thank you, very helpful!



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