Third day in Puerto Princesa is about island-hopping around Honda Bay. Our tour would take us around several islands. The main agenda for today would be Pandan Island, Snake Island, and Starfish Island with our first stop would be a snorkeling site from a floating hut.

We leave the hotel around 8am and head to the nearby pier. At the pier we register, pay the fees, and here is also where once rents Masks, Snorkels, Fins, and whatever you night need.

Honda Bay Tourist Information and Assistance Center

We hop on our designated boat… and we are off..

PuertoPrincesa20090821-N 362

Our first stop was some floating hut in the middle of nowhere which is where our first snorkeling opportunity is.

PuertoPrincesa20090821-N 375

Our boat docks and we transfer to the hut where we jump off for our snorkeling adventure.

PuertoPrincesa20090821-N 376

Lots of fish in the area…

PuertoPrincesa20090821-S 074

PuertoPrincesa20090821-S 089

Ok… you might be wondering why I am wearing sun glasses, I realized while swimming around I realized that when I left the boat, my shades had latched themselves unto my life vest. Since I had them, I might as well used them.

PuertoPrincesa20090821-S 104

When the whole group was all complete, we got back on our boat and headed to Pandan Island for lunch.

PuertoPrincesa20090821-N 387

We got to Pandan Island… it was, in a word, beautiful.

Pandan Island

PuertoPrincesa20090821-N 397

PuertoPrincesa20090821-N 405

With our tour guide and bankeros preparing our lunch, I went out and bought these whatchamacallits (ok, I forgot what they were called… something between a crab and a lobster) and contributed them to our lunch. The island had a number of vendors selling all sorts of fresh seafood available for “paluto”

PuertoPrincesa20090821-N 406

PuertoPrincesa20090821-N 408

The island was an obviously the designated lunch destination from all the huts and bbq pits in the area.

PuertoPrincesa20090821-N 412


PuertoPrincesa20090821-N 443

PuertoPrincesa20090821-N 452

PuertoPrincesa20090821-N 448

PuertoPrincesa20090821-N 451


After lunch we walked around a bit.

PuertoPrincesa20090821-N 430

PuertoPrincesa20090821-N 439

I have seen this specific scene, this specific lifeguard chair in many tourist pictures and brochures. Apparently, ito pala yan. And before some one asked why it is facing the wrong way, I had turned it so that the water would be behind… plus the sun was an issue.

PuertoPrincesa20090821-N 484

Oooh. That looks comfortable!

PuertoPrincesa20090821-N 424

The island was full of long stretches of white sand beach…

PuertoPrincesa20090821-N 434

fter Pandan Island, we went to Snake Island. According to our guide they had really good halo halo on the island. At first I was wondering why it was called snake island.

As I walked around the island, I realized that at one end of the island was a long sand bar that curves… thus looking like a snake.

PuertoPrincesa20090821-N 529

PuertoPrincesa20090821-N 551

The sun and sky were just great! I had a lot of great pictures here.

PuertoPrincesa20090821-N 574

From Snake Island, our last destination for the day… Starfish Island. For some strange reason, Starfish Island was devoid of other tourists. Even our guide didn’t know why. Its like we left everyone at Snake Island.

PuertoPrincesa20090821-N 583

Apparently our stay at Starfish Island would be brief… dark clouds approaching.

PuertoPrincesa20090821-N 587

PuertoPrincesa20090821-N 589

As we got off the boat, it became apparent why it was called Starfish Island…

PuertoPrincesa20090821-S 121

PuertoPrincesa20090821-S 124

It was a great day, and we made new friends!

Puerto Princesa 459

PuertoPrincesa20090821-S 132