MacArthur Landing Memorial, Palo, Leyte-July 10, 2010

One of the last stops before I flew back to Manila was the MacArthur Landing Memorial just south of Tacloban City in Palo, Leyte. While on the plane before landing at the Tacloban Airport, I did catch a glimpse of the memorial from my windows seat. It was definitely  very noticeable from the air.

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The memorial is located in Red Beach, Palo, Leyte. This spot marks where Douglas MacArthur fulfilled his promise to return to liberate the Philippines from the Japanese Occupation. The American Liberation Forces landed in October 1944 and engaged in the Battle of Leyte.

Along with MacArthur is Sergio Osmena who takes over as President of the Commonwealth of the Philippines as President Manuel L. Quezon passes away while in exile.

We had just come from the Sto. Nino Shrine where it started to rain. By the time we got to the memorial, it was raining. Not too strong, but raining nonetheless. Armed with an umbrella, I proceeded to walk up to the memorial.

Lakwatsero: MacArthur Landing Memorial

When one thinks of Leyte, most photos represent Leyte with a picture of this memorial, and only second is the San Juanico Bridge. Raining or not, I could not miss this place. Sadly though due to the clouds, I was stuck with a white background.

Lakwatsero: MacArthur Landing Memorial

Lakwatsero: MacArthur Landing Memorial

Lakwatsero: MacArthur Landing Memorial

The statues are around 150% regular size, making them literally larger than life. And of course the most impressive of all the figures, the figure of Douglas MacArthur himself…

Lakwatsero: MacArthur Landing Memorial

Lakwatsero: MacArthur Landing Memorial

Definitely a must-visit destination if ever you drop by the Tacloban City area.

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3 thoughts on “MacArthur Landing Memorial, Palo, Leyte-July 10, 2010”

  1. how did you travel from Tacloban city to Palo Leyte? I am going to the city by end of the week.. and wanted to go this site (Mac Arthur landing – Palo, Leyte) Thanks

    1. I had actually rented a car for the duration of my entire day in Tacloban. So my driver took me around… from the San Juanico Bridge, the Sto Nino Shrine, to the MacArthur Landing…

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