At the end of our first day in Puerto Princesa, we ate the famous Ka Lui restaurant. For all intensive purposes, this was one of a handful of “must eat at” restaurants in Puerto Princesa. At least when you ask around “saan magandang kumain dito?” most of the locals will always start their list of recommended spots with Ka Lui.

Such was the reputation of Ka Lui. That being the case, lucky for us, we made a reservation earlier that day. It was at our hotel when we just asked about Ka Lui. They quickly told us that we better make a reservation because it is always full. So they called for us and luckily for us, they had 1 more table available for 6pm. Apparently, they have 2 set evening scheds… 6pm and 8pm. I later found out, that some people make their reservations even a day in advance.

Ka Lui was definitely an experience in itself. And the place really lives up to its hype. And is a definitely “must eat at” place

PuertoPrincesa20090821-S 020

I had first heard about Ka Lui from Mr. Sonny Hernandez, MD of Living Asia Channel. He actually was describing a rather interesting painting he made which was hanging by the male restroom of the restaurant. More about this later.

The first awesome thing you observe when yuu walk in is that all the décor are native and the place is made of indigenous materials. Before we could go in we were asked to leave our footwear at the entrance and walk in barefoot.

PuertoPrincesa20090821-S 024

Some tables were “Thai-style” where you would have to sit on the floor.

PuertoPrincesa20090821-S 025

The rear of the restaurant looked more like a museum with art pieces all over…

PuertoPrincesa20090821-S 026

And of course, I had to head for the men’s room to locate Mr. Hernandez’ very suggestive art work. Then again, it was more than “suggesting” anything. Quite blatant in fact…

PuertoPrincesa20090821-S 029

Anyway… back to the food…

Sea Weed appetizer

PuertoPrincesa20090821-S 036

Tuna (this still part of the appetizer)

We also had halaan soup, but the picture came out blurred.

PuertoPrincesa20090821-S 037

Fried Tilapia

PuertoPrincesa20090821-S 039


PuertoPrincesa20090821-S 038

Lobster! Small as they were, quite yummy!

PuertoPrincesa20090821-S 042

close up… just to make your mouth water

PuertoPrincesa20090821-S 043

Crabs! Dripping with a garlic-butter sauce.

PuertoPrincesa20090821-S 050

And for dessert, fruits in  a coconut shellPuertoPrincesa20090821-S 044

The ambience was just awesome. The food was fantastic.

What else is there to say?

By the way, I mentioned that we had to make reservations due to the tendency of the place getting full? Lucky we did, when we left the restaurant, the reception area was full of people attempting a walk-in.

PuertoPrincesa20090821-S 023

Contact Information:

Ka Lui
369 Rizal Ave.
Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines
(048) 433-2580

The restaurant is just a stones’ throw away from the airport along the city’s main road.

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