On the flight from Manila to Tacloban, I opened up Smile, Cebu Pacific’s In-Flight magazine. In that section at the end where locals describe the various sights and must-dos for the different locations which Cebu Pacific flies to. Anyway, the entry on Tacloban lists “Café Lucia” as a “place to eat.”  When I mentioned Café Lucia to my driver/guide Mang Pat, apparently he didn’t know of it. So I dismissed the thought of visiting the place. En route from Tacloban City to the McArthur Landing Memorial I spotted it on the road. Naturally it peaked my curiosity.

The restaurant is on the ground floor of a building which belongs to the Rotary Club.

Tacloban20100711 172

It’s an average sized Café/Restaurant. Quite cozy. It had free unsecure WiFi!

Tacloban20100711 167

And has a view of the sea…

Tacloban20100711 165

I went to the counter, took a look at the menu items, then I asked the waitress what their “best seller items” were from the pasta list. She told me that among the red sauce items, it was Putanesca, in the white sauce items, it was Carbonara.

Tacloban20100711 168

When the waitress brought over my Carbonara… my mind immediately thought…. “wait! that does not look like Carbonara” Where is the sauce? It looked dry.

Tacloban20100711 169

But when I put it in my mouth… OH MY GOD! This has got to be the best carbonara I have ever had! EVER! It was so yummy I can’t describe it. And it had a generous helping of bacon.

Anyway… while I tried to savor it… I gobbled it up, way too quickly. Below is the end result. The only think I didn’t east was the garnish.

Tacloban20100711 171

I give this an 8 out of 5!