Intramuros. The famous 16th Century Spanish Fort, one of the many structures Manila is known for. (more information:

I have been to the walled city a few times in the past, though it isn’t of those destinations I frequent. Or at least not something I bothered to really appreciate before. Together with some friends, I used to play night golf there. I also used to help out a retreat there around 4 or 5 times. Went visited the Cathedral every now and then. But I never got the chance to really walk around, let alone take pictures. A friend of mine, Ralph Sarmiento, volunteered to take me on an informal walking tour of Intramuros and take a few pictures. One of these I’ll take one of those formal walking tours.

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We started early. I passed by for Ralph at around 7:00am. In around half an hour we were in the walled city. One advantage to being early… parking. We than began to walk around

Intramuros20100123 003 Stitch

A view with the aging Manila Hotel in the background

Intramuros20100123 006

This is the area near the Pamantasan Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM). Here and there you would find some students “studying” on the walls.

Intramuros20100123 012

If they were actually studying is another matter.

Intramuros20100123 039

The golf course (as seen from the wall) with some early morning golfers.

Intramuros20100123 016

The famous Manila City Hall Clock Tower

Intramuros20100123 011

Intramuros20100123 030

A more current relic…

Intramuros20100123 059

Intramuros20100123 080

Intramuros20100123 060

Intramuros20100123 051 Intramuros20100123 070

Intramuros20100123 069

Intramuros20100123 075

Intramuros20100123 083

Intramuros20100123 090

Intramuros20100123 101

Intramuros20100123 110

Walking around the wall, we decided to head towards Manila Cathedral

Intramuros20100123 114

Intramuros20100123 115

Intramuros20100123 116

Intramuros20100123 130

Intramuros20100123 128

The Manila Cathedral

Intramuros20100123 133

Intramuros20100123 143

Kalesas everywhere…

Intramuros20100123 151

Intramuros20100123 144


By around 9:00am, it was now time to head back to Quezon City. Tags: ,