After resting a bit at the Kota Beach Resort, we went off to forage for food. One thing we were told was that food was pretty cheap… cheap for Manila standards.

Located in the town of Santa Fe on Bantayan Island, Cebu, D’Jungle is part of a string of restaurants in the center of town.

This restaurant row was just 5 min walk from the Kota Beach Resort. Something hardly noticeable during the day, the street came alive at night.


As we walked around we opted for this place called D’Jungle.

What caught my notice was that it got a mention in Lonely Planet.

D' Jungle Resto and Bar

They certainly had some mouth watering options

We finally settled for the buffet. Hey, at P295 with bottomless iced tea and 65 items to choose from? It’s quite a deal!


Oh my god! TALANGKA! This is the first restaurant in ages I have been to serve these, I was not letting this opportunity pass, I had 3 plate-fulls of this.

Tanalanka at D' Jungle

Lots of great food. They had a grill which cooked-per-order barbecue pork chops and scallops. YUM! They two varieties of halaan soup! YUM! Multiple varieties of squid, fish, pork, chicken… cooked in various ways, kinilaw, fried, steamed, etc.

BantayanIsland20100611-JB 034

The owner, Robert, came up to us and chatted up with us (and all of the guests). He was proud that while he doesn’t make much profit out of serving a 65-item buffet at just P295, it compares with other buffets he’s been to from Manila to Cebu. For obvious reasons, the buffet is only available on Fridays and Saturdays.


We came back the next evening. We had originally wanted to try the Portuguese restaurant’s buffet only to realize that the food at the buffet was hardly Portuguese… it was all Filipino food. Plus the waitresses were hardly accommodating and friendly, we ended up back at D’Jungle where Robert greeted us with a huge smile.

Trivia. Apparently Robert is also known as “Robert White Pants” for his taste in clothing.

Contact Details:

D’Jungle, Sta. Fe Village, Bantayan Island, Cebu

Inday  0919 683 6327 or Nene 0910 908 9031