When first are at the Cookbook Kitchen in Mandaluyong in July 2009 (see: http://bit.ly/bf211g), it was still a fairly new hold-in-the wall. I see a lot has happened for them in a year.

I went to meet up with a friend for a a movie this evening but ended up just having dinner instead. I don’t frequent Eastwood, so it wasn’t a place where I knew what restaurants were available aside from the usual suspects. Just before I went to the parking of the mall, I noticed the signage for Cookbook Kitchen from the street. Hmm, I wondered if it was the same.

The place was a far cry from the old converted Mandaluyong house a year ago. It was now a typical restaurant style place. Look pretty much like every other Makati type mall-restaurant now with its bright ambiance.


From hereon in, let me apologize for my camera-phone quality pictures.

The menu is definitely expanded from what I remember from a year ago. But I went for the one item my memory proclaimed was the all-time-winner. The Parmesan Crusted White Fish (below). This is this the single dish I was targeting since before I sat and saw the menu.


This dish is to kill for. Meaning, if you didn’t order it, you will kill the person who did and steal it from them. I was lucky because the waiter said my order was the last one for the evening.

Here is how it looks like as I ate 1/3 of it. Ooozing with butter. Fish or not, it sure wasn’t healthy. But hey… living good food is not about being healthy… hehehe. YUMMMMY!!!!


I also had tomato soup. It was good, but it was nothing out of the ordinary.


My friend ordered an interesting pasta. Ilocos Pasta… it had Longaniza. And oddly, came with a small serving of vinegar.


The place certainly lives up to its slogan “It’s all about taste.” Definitely a MUST TRY! I guess in my case I am already a return customer/

Contact Information
1880-A Bldg.
Eastwood City, E. Rodriguez, Q.C.
Tel: +63 (2) 709-3593


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