Capones Island and to Anawangin Cove, Zambales – June 1, 2010

Capones Island and to Anawangin Cove, Zambales – June 1, 2010

This is my second trip to Anawangin Cove this year. I made the first trip in January of this year. (Directions can also be found on that blog post.)

I made the trip again with my officemates at work. This was our team offsite. A great opportunity to discuss a number of work-related matters in a very far-removed office setting. What makes this trip also interesting is that this takes place on a weekday… which contributes to some rather interesting observations of Anawangin Cove.

Part of the agenda is supposed to be a quick trip to Capones Island, specifically to see he lighthouse. Those who have followed my adventures are aware of my love affair with lighthouses.

View Anawangin Cove, Zambales in a larger map

We left Quezon City at around 7:00am. For “technical reasons” we could not leave earlier. We comfortably went through EDSA-NLEX-SCTEX-Subic heading towards the town of San Antonio with occasional stops to eat, buy food, and of course relieve ourselves. We arrived at Pundaquit at around 11:00am. A little later than planned, but then again, we did make a few stops.

As this was my first time to be in Pundaquit during a weekday, it was rather eerie. It was very quite and almost devoid of people. I guess the little town is alive on weekends due to the nature of the fact that tourism is one of its major sources on income (aside from fishing). At the parking lot, I made arrangements for a boat to take us around.

Pundaquit Website:

I first negotioated to go to Capones Island and then to Nagsasa Cove… Anawangin was not the initial destination. However the distance of Nagsasa was an issue. Meanwhile I was warned that due to the waves, landing on Capones Island near the light house might be a challenge.

Our bangkero (boat man) soon arrived and guided us to the beach proper where he got the boat ready. If you look in the picture below… Capones Island is the island on the far left of the photo.

Capones Island

Capones Island

We were soon en route to Capones.

Capones Island

The trip to the island took around 15 min. The waves were mildly rough.

Capones Island

On the tail end of the island, there was a group frolicking on the sand…

Capones Island

We proceeded to the farther end of the island.

Capones Island

As we got to the end, I could just see the lighthouse protruding upward.

Anawangin Cove

Unfortunately, the beach area where would dock is quite rocky and that the bankeros refused to attempt it as it would damage and potentially destroy the boat. If you look very closely, you would see the stairs below leading up to the lighthouse. This is the most direct route. If we were to land elsewhere, they tell me it would be around an hour hike up to the light house.

Anawangin Cove

Anyway, I was not going to ponder to much on this, I quickly told the bankeros to proceed to Anawangin Cove.

Anawangin Cove

Anawangin Cove

When we got to Anawangin Cove, I noticed a lof of differences/improvements since I was here in January. In fact if you read my previous post on this, I noted that there was a lot of things that were different from what posted on previous travel blogs.

First of all, there is now a fee of P50 per person who are there for the day. P100 for those who stay overnight. I was even issued a receipt by the caretaker, a Mang Manny. The receipt states “Wild Life and Nature Organization Inc.” Interesting.

I got to talk to talk to Mang Many a bit and he did tell me of the few improvements.

First off, there are more picnic tables set up.

Anawangin Cove

This was interesting, and I did notice that the tables were actually “new”. The last time I was here, I noticed that the tables were falling apart or were quite flimsy.


Do you remember my post about the cemented Comfort Room? Well, these are also a tad different. The toilets have been taken out and covered over. What remains is a drain hole in the corner. These rooms, according to Mang Manny have been turned into changing rooms / shower rooms. So where are the toilets?

Anawangin Cove

Mang Manny pointed over to the far end, near the base of the mountainside. You can sea Sawali wall. When I walked over, I was quite surprised to see a new development. I guess this is best considering the growing popularity of the place.

First you will notice 4 sawali shower rooms. Next to them…

Anawangin Cove

7 Toilets in a cemented structure. Flushing oc course is still via the buhos method. You will notice the fawcets and pails.

Anawangin Cove

Across the toilets… 15 changing rooms.

Anawangin Cove

All in all you have a nice, clean area for campers and visitors to shower, change, and do their “thing.”

Anawangin Cove

Thinking about it, I guess it’s an interesting improvement. Though of course, what used to be blogged in numerous travel blogs circa 2007 or so is that Anawangin Cove was a truly virgin area with almost nothing there. While a little bothersome, the facilities I have seen are definitely and interesting necessity if they want to attract more visitors here.

The place still had its sari-sari stores. Two of them were closed due to the low weekday traffic. But Mang Manny said that they did have soft drinks (no ice though) and basic necessities of soap, shampoo, and off at their store.

A little disconcerting was this structure which almost gave foreboding glimpses into a possible Boracay-like future…

Anawangin Cove

Oh well…

I guess the money does go towards improvements and upkeep of the place. One subtle thing I noticed was that the sand was well “raked.” This is when someone evens out the foot prints in the sand with a rake. It also cleans up little bits of trash. This was of course a good sign. Later on I noticed that there were those that loaded “trash” on the boats.. plastic bags of plastic. This was quite a pleasant sight. Certainly better than what I had noted at Hinulugang Taktak in Antipolo.

AnawanginCove2-20100601 122

The place was great nonetheless. This being a weekday meant that the place was virtually empty. When we got there, there was a big group pitching a tent. And another small group on the farther end. Later on there were two other boats that arrived. I have seen pictures of those that have recently been there on a weekend and it is just packed with people.

Today… it was, for a moment, the quiet little paradise.

Anawangin Cove

Anawangin Cove

Anawangin Cove

Anawangin Cove

One of the closed sari-sari stores.

Anawangin Cove

And now, the required group pictures…

Anawangin Cove

It was of course not all rest and relaxation. We were able to discuss a number of work related issues that needed to be resolved. This of course in between watching some scantily clad women frolicking in the background.

Anawangin Cove

By around 2:30pm, it was now time pack up and start on out trip back to Manila with a planned stop in Subic for a hot meal.

Anawangin Cove

Final Thoughts

Anawangin Cove is still certainly a great designation for beach goers who want to get away from the usual crowded beaches of Batangas. Or for the hikers and campers who want to spend the night in a clean and maintained camping ground.

Anawangin Cove



  1. no pics of “scantily clad women in the background”?


    • Need to respect their privacy :)

  2. whoa, a lot of changes indeed! that henna tattoo/souvenirs stall is such an eye sore (well, at least for me). thanks for posting this… will definitely pass it around.

  3. an architecture student and my thesis proposal is about the development of anawangin island.. the development was about having a formal business structures(stores, souvenir shop,etc.) cottages, utilities and safety guides for the tourists.

    is the development of the anawangin will be dangerous for the island or not? or it will be a good move to attract more tourists and give profit for the people who manage the island?

    pls. give me some comments and suggestions..even it was good or bad.. thanks

    • hmm… personally it think it is a bad idea. the beauty of the place is that it is pure and prestine. developing the place as you describe… cottages, stores, sounevir shops… even if done in good taste will contribute to the commercialization of the place which is… bad. Right now, it is a camping ground. I don’t think anyone is saying “sana my cottages dito.”

      • I also do not agree to the improvement that focuses on the commercialization of the area. I believe that the attraction of Anawangin is its raw look.

  4. hello! may contact number po ba kayo ni mang manny? plan kasi namin pumunta don by september if ok ang weather…thanks:)

    • Hmm. Sorry, I didn’t ask. But I don’t think he has one. Bear in mind, there is no signal in Anawangin Cove. I don’t think the signal crosses the mountains. Anyway, just show up.

  5. GUD DAY :)


    • Yup. The sand is off-white. Yes you can enjoy the beach… water and sand. I see no reason why can’t stay for 3 days and 2 nights.

  6. isa po..gnun prin po b ung byad sa boat kht days 2 nyts kmi??kulit ko.haha and my nbi2li po bng fire wood dun??and if we are planning to cook some of our foods, is there a store that offers a rent for a pot?(stock pot for sinaing)

    • Hi again Angelo. Yung sa boat you have to nego with the bankero. Since mag ca-camping kayo, babalikan kayo ng boat. Which means you need to pay for their back and forth. The stores sa cove sell firewood. I am not sure about pots, pero I guess they rent those too. Pero since I never camped there, I guess my official anser is “I don’t really know for sure.”

  7. Anawangin Cove ay di pwedeng idevelop kasi po naman there is on-going case involving the DENR CENRO Olongapo City.

  8. hi! do you still have the contact number of your boatman? we’re planning to go there this month.. we just want to have an idea sana how much rent ng boat back and forth plus side trip to other islands if overnight kami. thanks.

    • Hi Michelle. Nope, I never asked for it. Each time I get to Pundaquit, I just look for a boatman and negotiate with them on the spot. And since I have never done the overnight thing, I don’t know what the rate could be. One thing for you to note is that… once you are in Anawangin… there is no signal from the cove.

  9. i enjoyed reading your blog, :)

    great infos posted 😀

    i will be visiting anawangin and capones in a few days, excited :)

  10. hi gud morning…. i was reading your blog about anawangin.. its a wonderful place to relax… me and my friends want to go there this coming holy week…. more power to you and your adventures..

  11. hi manong! 😀
    i love your blogs! very informative and no bias…
    what you see is what you blogged =)..what you experience is what you bloggd… =)
    i hope to read more of it soon specially this summer. 😀
    happy trip! more power and Godbless! 😀

  12. hi manong! 😀
    i love your blogs! very informative and no bias…
    what you see is what you blogged =)..what you experience is what you bloggd… =)
    i really enjoy readng it, simply the best.
    i hope to read more of it soon specially this summer. 😀
    happy trip! more power and Godbless! 😀

  13. nice one! very informative blog! :)

    • sir,
      thank you so much for recognizing the beauty of our place.. i grew up here, before nobody appreciate our place.. i still remember when i am still young when we compete with other places during school days,when they hear that we came from Pundakit they always put “PUNG PUNG IT” at the end of the word pundakit.. but when Pundakit was discover the word PUNG PUNG it turn to WOW,,, today when somebody hear that we came from pundakit they always say that the place is beautiful and some other adjectives.. We owe you guys this.. without you who recognize our place it well remain as pung pung it…thanks..
      to those who want to visit our place, we want to help you.. kindly contact us 09193910016/09198437370 anthony/joan

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  15. hi! is anawangin cove offering day tours? i dont know how to get there since it seems they only have package tours at least an overnight?? i would like to go there only for a day and i need the details..thanks.

    >>>>P1200/head minimum of 12pax and above..
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    *Mineral water(2container)
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    Package B Rates
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    P 550 per head for 8 -9pax
    P650 per head for 6-7pax
    P550 per head for 5 pax
    Inclusions:(Pick up point: Town proper of San Antonio, Zambales)
    *Boat ride to Anawangin (round trip)
    *Island hopping (Capones / Camara Island)
    *Entrance fee / Environmental fee
    *cooking utensils (ihawan, kaldero,kutsilyo,pitsel,etc)
    *cooler WITH ICE pA..

    Additional 400 per head for food (4meals)MIN OF 8PAX
    FOR MORE INFO : Smart: 09185595597 or 09399398456TM: 09358118095 Sun: 09223753555 please TExt or call for immediate response..

      The following is a list of things that would make your stay in Anawangin smooth, comfortable, and enjoyable. Take note that some of these are optional and it’s really up to you if you want to bring them all. Before deciding which are necessary and which are not, always take into consideration that:

      *There are no resorts in Anawangin.
      *There is no electricity in the place.
      *There is no cellphone signal reception in the area.
      *Merchandise sold on the beach are very expensive.

      Anawangin Checklist

      *Cash – As mentioned, there are no ATMs near the place. All transactions will have to paid with cash.

      *Tent – This is the only form of accommodation in Anawangin. You may choose to sleep outside on a mat but remember that the weather is unpredictable and it gets really cold early in the morning.

      *Blanket – A light one should be sufficient.

      *Hammock – You may want to bring a hammock for relaxation. There are a lot of trees available for you to tie the hammock on to. There are also peddlers selling hammocks for PhP200-Php300 (depending on the season) with “free-installation”.

      *Clothes – Make sure you bring enough for your overnight stay. You may also want to bring a jacket during the Amihan season to protect you from the cold.

      *Goggles/Snorkel gear – There are fishes and sea flora but the place is really more of a swimming than a snorkeling place.

      *Sunglasses – The surroundings can get very bright.

      *Camera/Camera accessories – The place is very picturesque. You may want to bring an extra battery because there’s no electricity for charging.

      *MP3 player/Earphones/Portable speakers – Play music for extra relaxation.
      *Ziplock bag – To keep you belongings, specially gadgets, dry

      *Portable lamp/Candles – There are lightweight, cheap lamps sold in Ace Hardware/SM Workshop for less that a hundred bucks. Make sure to bring enough batteries as needed. You can bring candles for additional illumination.

      *Portable gas range/Butane – This will make cooking a lot easier. Portable gas ranges sell from PhP600 to PhP1500 in Ace Hardware/SM Workshop depending on the style/model. Butane canisters cost ~PhP60 in any hardware store.

      *Charcoal – In case you want to cook/grill, bring some specially if you don’t have a portable gas range.

      *Spoon/Fork/Plate/Cup – Bringing your own utensils, plates, and cups instead of using plastic ones bought from the grocery store is always best for the environment.

      *Food/Snacks – Don’t bring too much or too extravagant food. Remember that the place encourages the simple life.

      *Canned goods – Backup food is good to have. You may also live on a diet of canned goods in the place.

      *Can opener
      *Dishwashing liquid
      *Trash Bag – Make sure you bring a big trash bag to prevent litter from taking over the beautiful place. Trash bags can be left with the caretakers before you leave.

      There are a lot of items you can borrow from your boatman, especially if you already built a good relationship from multiple visits. Remember that they lend you stuff out of the goodness of their hearts but giving them a well-deserved tip would be much appreciated.

      Things to do in Anawangin Cove or Nagsasa Cove
      1. Camping. Show us what you learned during your Boy Scout/Girl Scout days.

      2. Island Hopping. Aside from Camara and Capones Islands, and Anawangin and Nagsasa Coves, there’s Talisayin and Silangin Coves as well.

      3. Skimboarding.

      4. Frisbee. Play frisbee ala-Derek.

      5. Photography. Now’s the time to hone your landscape photography skills. And why not bring along your model-friends for portraiture shots.

      6. Trek to Capones Light house. Take the longer route. Seriously.

      7. Trek Mount Pundaquit. Always consider the weather should you decided to do this, guys. Safety should always be a priority.

      8. Swimming. Obviously. :-) or Snorkeling

      4 more info contact us @
      Look4 Jen or Alan

  17. thank you for making our holiday unforgetable.. thank you anawangin cove bangkeros for accommodating us.. very kind and maalaga….
    mura pa ang mga rates nila…
    for those who want to visit anawangin cove .. contact alan aralantico

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