As part of my planned road trip to Antipolo, after visiting the Antipolo Cathedral and the somewhat disgusting Hinulugang Taktak Falls, I wanted to revisit a place I hadn’t been to in literally decades. The place is the restaurant / inn known as Vieux Chalet.

I’d been to Vieux Chalet many years ago during my college days with my high school classmates. Introduced to us by Gerboy Ortega, what was unique about the place was that it was – quite literally – a restaurant, owned by a Swiss guy, and had a nice view of Makati-Ortigas skyline from the tables.

Getting there.

I never really quite knew how to get there. Gerboy would always provide directions. I guess that is why I had never gone back since. Luckily (and oddly), Vieux Chalet is listed in Google Maps. I accidently found it when I was searching for Hinulugang Taktak. It’s actually quite easy to get to… see map below.

View Vieux Chalet in a larger map

As you drive to an oddly undeveloped-looking subdivision, you will pass a number of interesting looking resorts along the way. You will then see a double-sided sign on your left which says Vieux Chalet on one end, and St. Moritz Cottage on the other side.

Antipolo20100522 069

Looks different from what I remembered. Then again, it has been years.

Antipolo20100522 067

I was happy to see the place all clean and well-maintained.

Antipolo20100522 068

SInce we there at around 11am, we the first customers there for the day.

Antipolo20100522 073

And from the windows – do sit next to the few tables by the window – you will get a view of Makati – Ortigas – and Eastwood skylines. Hmmm, you can hardly see it from the picture below… trust me its there, just beyond those hills. The skyline was clearly visible, the view is fantastic at night.

Antipolo20100522 075

It was actually supposed to be brunch, so we didn’t really order a lot. I ordered Beef Medallion dish… Kent ordered the same thing… except the pork version.

My beef dish. YES, that is bacon on top.

Antipolo20100522 086

Below, the pork…

Antipolo20100522 077

The meal was great. For dessert I ordered a Frozen Carabao Milk Shake. Yum.

The meal may not have been to adventurous… but remember this was only brunch.

If you are looking a out-of-the-way, quaint little restaurant, with a great view of the city lights, I do recommend Vieux Chalet (pronounced “View-Sha-Lay”). The place is great during the day, but I do suggest you try visiting at night (I hope you don’t get lost)

I recommend the fondue if you drop by during the evening.

Antipolo20100522 070

For more information and reservations:

Vieux Chalet Swiss Restaurant
Taktak Road, Antipolo City

Susan Hassig (Owner/Manager)
Florence Hassig (Chef de Cuisine)

Reservations and Inquiries: 63 (2) 697-0396
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