En route to Lucban, Quezon for the Pahiyas Festival (I took the tour with Ultimate Philippines Tours) we stopped by a place not on the itinerary. We visited Ugu Bigyan. His full name is Augusto Bigyan, a potter, and apparently a one of those secret destinations. From the intro to Ugu by our guide Tina, Ugu is not a formally-trained potter yet has pursued his love for pottery with artistry and creativity.

From the waypoints.ph blog:

Augusto “Ugu” Bigyan is a ceramics artist.  Ugu produces dinnerware sets, decorative tiles and accent pieces for finishing walls and flooring. He enjoys great patronage from well-known individuals, up-scale hotels and posh resorts such as Amanpulo, Campo Travieza, Casa Patricia, El Nido, Hidden Valley and Villa Escudero.  His residence cum workshop is located at Lusacan, Tiaong, Quezon.

Aside from artistically displayed clayware, Ugu’s workshop/showcase offers quaint huts with which one can relax and leisurely enjoy a lush garden trimmed with terracotta chimes, fountains and koi ponds.  Meals are served but must be arranged in advance.

It was definitely a fascinating place. We stayed around 30 minutes, time for us to look around and some bought some of the ceramics. I spent most of my time just admiting the place. Looks like and interesting place to come back to, explore more and perhaps trying out one of the famous meals served here,

I could describe the place, but let’s leave the photos do the talking…

PahiyasTour20100515 003

PahiyasTour20100515 009

PahiyasTour20100515 011

PahiyasTour20100515 012

PahiyasTour20100515 017

PahiyasTour20100515 021

PahiyasTour20100515 022

PahiyasTour20100515 025

PahiyasTour20100515 029

PahiyasTour20100515 039

PahiyasTour20100515 038

PahiyasTour20100515 046

PahiyasTour20100515 048

PahiyasTour20100515 050

This sure doesn’t look like any potter’s place I have ever seen. This definitely one of the most fascinating places I have ever seen. I am glad we dropped by.

How to get there… directions here.