On May 15, 2010, I joined a group that made a trip to the Pahiyas Festival in Lucban Quezon. While I will blog about the whole trip, I want to call out the most exciting discovery for me. Finding a Street Food Cart which sold one product… Fried Chicken skin.

When I posted my discovery on my Facebook wall, some friends commented asking me what the big deal was.

I love chicken skin. OK? Health conscious people take great pains from removing chicken skin during meals… whether it be KFC, Chickenjoy, etc. For me, that is absolute blasphemy! I love chicken skin and mind you… fried chicken skin. Sometimes you find them in stalls at supermarkets that sell nuts and cornick, but they are usually just oil and salt. The Southern Philippines’ chain Starburst sells a great chicken skin appetizer. My favorite “chicken chicharon” is from a small hole-in-the wall Chinese Restaurant along Mission Road in Daly City, California called… “LIttle Hunan”.

Anyway, back to Lucban, Quezon.

While walking around the streets of Lucban during the Pahiyas festival, I started noticing a few carts with a vat of oil and some fried item. For most of the ones I passed I was wondering what they were. They looked like something deep-fried… so I wondered which item could be deep fried. I then realized that the oil smelled the familiar chicken fat aroma, a very distinct aroma familiar only to the connoisseurs of fried food like myself. I was intrigued.

Tired from roaming around for about an hour in the summer heat, I needed a drink. I ended up next to a Coke cart and asked for a cold can of Royal Tru Orange.

When I turned. There it was…  Six Sisters Chicken Skin cart!

PahiyasTour20100515 187

I asked the ale how much an order was… it was just P20 for a pack the size of Medium Fries at McDo. So I ordered one… when that was done, I came back for another. Then I came back for my third serving.

It was served with suka, but I asked for it be plain.

PahiyasTour20100515 189

New back in the fryer.

PahiyasTour20100515 188

I am a little bothered by the marketing. What does it mean, “Proven and Chicken Skin?” Proven?


Top view of the supply of chicken skin. That is a lot of chicken necks. If you wonder that each piece is one whole chicken neck. That is a lot of chickens!


I guess we know who the six sisters voted for.

If only may ganyan sa Manila. Sigh,

I had a lot of fun during the Pahiyas Festival. While not a cultural highlight of the festival, a find like this made my day!

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