Back from a somewhat disappointing road trip to Balayan, Patrick and I were in search for food. The disagreements via Tagaytay killed off several ideas which included Tagaytay Bulalo and Sonia’s Garden. But we then decided that we wanted to try a restaurant I recently heard about called Pig Out located at Nuvali just beside Paseo de Santa Rosa.

It was mid-afternoon. And I was hungry!

Balayan-PigOut20100409 030

When you approach, the Nuvali development looks somewhat odd. I have no idea who the developer is though it reeks of Ayala, the way the artsy styling is abound.

Balayan-PigOut20100409 025

Side story: When I took the picture above… I saw a small crown of people by the rails and some orange stuff in the water. I had no idea what it was that they were all doing there. So I decided to take a look. Below is a picture of what those orange “stuff” actually were…

Balayan-PigOut20100409 028

Lots and lots of… FISH! There was a booth where you could buy a pack of fish food for P15 and feed them fish. Naturally it was a hit with the kiddies.

Anyway, so back to PigOut. As it was an off time – around 4pm – the place was a little empty. Aside from a couple that was there before us, the place was sparse with regards to guests.Pig Out!!

But it was a nice place. Somewhat odd were the waitresses and waiters dressed in costume. We were greeted by Sailor Moon, Wonder Woman was serving us, and Spider Man was around the area. The bartender was wearing some blue spandex with red trip… had no idea what he was trying to emulate.Pig Out!!

We were so hungy… so here is what we ended up having…Pig Out

Crispy Pata (as recommended by Sailor Moon). The above is the “solo” which was actually quite big for one person.

Pig Out!!

We had these Coco prawns with alege… yum!Pig Out!!

Fish Fillet Dory. Ok, it may look plain and simple, but it was soooo good. Especially with the butter sauce. YUM!

Pig Out!!

We debated over the rice and ended up ordering Chinese Fried Rice.

And there we have it. When they were all served the waitress, Wonder Woman said “Let’s Pig Out!”

Balayan-PigOut20100409 060

And so we ate.

The food was good, If not plentiful.We were hungry and the place is called Pig Out! di ba?

Around half an hour later. I was tired. Yes! PAGOD from eating. I couldn’t drink another glass of bottomless iced tea! I was exhausted. Hehehe

Pig Out!!

All in all. A great place for great food.

I’d give this place, on a scale of 1-10… probably a rating of 8.5 and a classification of “Will come back here if I am in the area” I recommend this to anyone who wants something different from the typical franchise food. Tags: