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Bisita Iglesia in Marinduque – April 1, 2010

“Bisita Iglesia” (“Visita Iglesia” in Spanish) or literally Church Visits  is a Holy Week tradition in the Philippines where one visits 7 churches. Another non-related tradition was that of saying a prayer and making a wish when you enter a church for the first time. This year I got to do both as I got to visit 7 churches for the first time for Holy Week 2010 while in Marinduque for the Moriones Festival.

I know many people do Bisita Iglesia on other days, but for me, it has always been on Maundy Thursday. Each to their own beliefs. Some folks want to go for the stretch and do more… 10 – 14 churches. Not sure why because it has always been just 7.

Jasper Jugan and myself wondered if we would encounter 7 churches on the island. After attending a few of the Moriones activities in the morning we set of at around 9:30am starting with the Boac Catherdral, then we drove clock-wise around the entire island of Marinduque. With a few stops here and there to take pictures, we got back to Boac aroud 3:30pm.

The churches in clockwise-order from Boac are as follows:

Marinduque20100401s 013

1) Boac Cathedral, Boac

Marinduque20100401s 065

2) Monastery of Saint Clare, Boac

Marinduque20100401s 180

3) San Isidro Lobrador, Mogpog

Marinduque20100401s 080 

4) Holy Cross Parish, Sta. Cruz

Marinduque20100401s 136

5) St. Ignatius of Loyola, Torrijos

Marinduque20100401s 156

6) Church of the Holy Child, Buenavista

Marinduque20100401s 159

7) St. Joseph Parish, Gasan

It was definitely a fun experience as we took a Holy Week Tradition and brought a Lakwatsero spin to it. Tags: