On my way back to the San Francisco Bart station after roaming the streets of San Francisco, I was a little hungry. I wanted to drop by McDonald’s (yes… McDo) for their Mushroom and Swiss Angus Burgers when I remembered… Blondie’s Pizza!

Blondie’s is my favorite Pizza in the entire world. It’s flavorful and oozing with… oil! YUM! I know there are a few branches, but the only one I have ever been to is the one at Powell street, right next to the Cable Car turnstile and the huge Gap store.

So, it took me awhile, around a 5 minute walk. I ignored the Cable Car and the tourists… and there it was…

Blondies in San Francisco

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My last two trips to Blondie’s years back has been somewhat traumatic… hehe. When you are there around lunch time, it is full and the people behind the counter are very impatient… ala Sienfeld’s Soup Nazi. They pressure you into spurting out an order immediately. At around 3pm… things were a little slow. Whew!

The Blondie's Menu

With all the different “flavors” I chose a plain Pepperoni Pizza. I actually didn’t like pepperoni before… until I had my first one at Blondie’s. So it was only fitting that I had Pepperoni.

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I went down to the someone dim-lit dinning area enjoyed my slice of pizza. I should have ordered 2 slices.

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That was a great snack!

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Blondie’s Pizza
63 Powell St, San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 982-6168 http://blondiespizza.com/