Exploring the new Marquee Mall in Angeles – January 9, 2010

In 2009, if you travel north from Manila via the NLEX, Whether to Baguio, Clark, Subic, and the numerous northern destinations you may have noticed the construction of the Marquee Mall. That oddly shaped structure right next to the Angeles exit if the NLEX… on the left side of the NLEX if you are northbound.

Every time I saw it, I always wondered “who would build a mall in the middle of nowhere.” And certainly it seemed like the middle of no where. The Angeles exit is some distance from Angeles City proper. Not to mention that the malls of SM Pampanga and Robinsons Star Mills were some distance away at the San Fernando Exit. This new structure seemed out of place.

Next the structure from the road) seemed odd. It wasn’t the expected “cube-shaped” Mall structure.

And then they started putting up the name, which cut at a corner of the mall (again this is the view from NLEX). “MARQUEE”… then I thought. That is a stupid name for a mall. The name Marquee has no connection to a retail mall. (and even now I think its a stupid name).

Only during this trip did I find out, its an Ayala Mall. Hmmm… that changed most of my initial opinions of the mall… aside from the stupid name.

On the way back from Anawangin Cove in Zambales, we decided to explore Marquee. We had decided to watch Sherlock Holmes… one of the recently Hollywood Holiday Blockbusters released from incarceration by the evil lords of the Metro Manila Film Festival that hijacked and held hostage all international movies while Filipinos were forced to watch poorly made and internationally embarrassing Filipino-made movies. (Enough of this rant… ibang issue na yan).

View Marquee Mall, Angeles City in a larger map

Anyway we first considered watching at SM Pampanga, then later we decided to watch at Marquee.

From the outside, Marquee looks like it belongs somewhere in Makati. Somewhere between Greenbelt and Glorietta. Many of the external design resembles mall projects of Ayala Land. The fact that it is an Ayala project… and not SM or Robinsons… you can immediately assume quality work and design.

In my mind of course was that, this used to be Kapampangan Farm Land… in the middle of nowhere.

Marquee Mall, Angeles City

Entering the mall, we looked at the “you are here”…

Marquee Mall, Angeles City

What amazed me was that, for a recently opened mall, there were a lot of stores! While there are still empty stalls… the mall was quite full of your typical Ayala stores.

Marquee Mall, Angeles City

Marquee Mall, Angeles City

Marquee Mall, Angeles City

The mall… reminiscent of Ayala Cebu or Trinoma wasn’t your basic Rectangle. For the most part it was also triangular.

The interior was nicely lit… ala Greenbelt 5… with the same feel about it.

In short… it was a very nice mall

Though I still wonder, who would go here? There were a lot of people. I am not sure how many were locals and how many were passing through from NLEX. But for sure someone did their research. When we were there – trying to put this in a politically correct manner – the people walking around were indeed more “Ayala Mall” type as opposed to the target market of an “SM Mall.”

22 thoughts on “Exploring the new Marquee Mall in Angeles – January 9, 2010”

  1. Hello
    I’d like to know if it’s true that in this mall salesladies have to pay for uniforms before start to work. 3 uniforms for 900 pesos each. And they have 3 months job contract.
    Thank You for replies

      1. Thanks for reply. I tried to send them a message from their main site…but it was impossible. A strange and useless error came out when i clicked on “send”…if i’m not wrong it said something like “please provide a valid input for message”….
        If You know their e-mail or other sites in which I could ask these things, please let me know.
        Thank You again

        1. Simo. Again, malay ko ba? I am not associated with Ayala. Dumaan lang ako. I am not the right person to respond to your questions.

        2. Yes I understood You are “just” a fan of Marquee Mall, but maybe someone reads Your post and my questions and answers =P
          have a nice day

  2. It’s not actually ‘middle of nowhere’ as citified folk as you are perceive it to be. It’s actually near the Angeles City Hall and Victory Bus Liner has station just beside it.

  3. Went to Marquee today, Sunday for a bit of shopping and a Pizza. The entrance was blocked by a few cars and I parked to the side of it. A so called Security guard came up

  4. Went Marquee today, Sunday morning for some shopping and a Lunch Pizza. Serveral vehicles blocked the mall entrance and I parked to the side of them. A so-called Security guard came up to me and told me to leave, while the ohters could park there and a newly arriving vehicle also parked there and the guard didn’t say a word to him. Now why is that? Because I’m a foreigner?
    Marquee security told they would investigate and I left my number there. I’m sure I won’t here from them again and I won’t go there again.

  5. I was there recently with my gf(Sept 2010). Yes, it is a nice mall but kind of small. While there seem to be quite a few people “shopping” they were perhaps not buying so much. My gf spoke to the locals working in the stores and they were telling her that business is not so good. I disagree it is in the middle of nowhere but it is far enough away that why should people go there if SM Clark is so convenient. When we went it was because we spotted a free shuttle bus that took us there from Balibago. The ride was not very long but we passed SM Clark on the way :-)

  6. I live in somewhere in pampanga. I think mall the Ayala group are not really into revenues , those who have seen and visited Marquee mall knows that it was quite an A,B & C market. Not to mention it´s location. It´s not a bad mall but they could have just made not so ayala´s typical mall and they cpuld have probably build it around the malls of sm at robinson to generate shoppers. I wouldnt wonder if after 5 years they´re gona close it. Some of it´s stalls have already closed and in a none occassion days there are hardly people who go and visit the mall. The problem with such mall like Marquee or sm clark their accessibility is not that friendly, not to mention with their sizes both are quite small.

  7. Well it’s an Ayala Mall, and I think for the most part it’s designed to complement the residential development by Ayala Land in the area e.g. Marquee Place, some Avida developments. I think they placed it quite near the NLEX exit to target those travelling (like a big pit stop). So I guess it really is for the ABC market, and like any other Ayala development eventually there’d be jeepney routes going to the mall for the locals, after all I think people from Angeles would be more suited for an Ayala mall as opposed to those from San Fernando.

  8. I would say that the location is actually ideal for a mall – Ayala Land must have really thought of this investment. Not only is it a great stop over for travellers passin through NLEX but people who live in neighboring towns and even provinces who are passing through Magalang road now have a cool place to shop and hang out at. I can say this because I live next to Angeles and know the place well.

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