I arrived in Cebu a day before Sinulog 2010 and on the agenda was to take in a few dives with my friend Charles Quisumbing. After our lazy breakfast at Don Merto’s, we headed to Mactan.

This was my first time to Dive in Cebu. Not that I expected anything particularly different, I mean… diving is diving right. I would usually dive in Anilao, Batangas.

Diving in Mactan, Cebu

We would kick off our dive from a Korean-owned port near Scuba World and the Hilton. What was a bummer was the weather. It had been raining daily in Cebu till this point. And when we arrived, it started raining. I had gone diving during a typhoon once before, and it was not fun. So obviously I was concerned.

It was around noon and we could not leave yet. Why? we were waiting for the lechon which would be our lunch. Yes. Just lechon. When the rest of the group arrived… with the lechon, we boarded and we were underway.


And of course, we proceeded to pig-out. Pun intended.

Underwater Photography

My main purpose was to test my Liquid Image Scuba mask with camera (http://liquidimageco.com/). It had two modes… stills, and video.

Of the 140 pics I took, I realized that you need to keep relatively still. A lot of my photos, when I was swimming after fish, turned out blurred.

Luckily, despite the rains, the visibility was quite good.

Here are some of the pics.

Diving in Mactan, Cebu  

Diving in Mactan, Cebu

Diving in Mactan, Cebu  

Diving in Mactan, Cebu

And here is a video… Oddly, the video turned out better than the pics.

All in all the dive went well. This first dive site as you will notice was one that had a sunken plane. Our second dive was at the sanctuary just off Shanri-La Mactan. But for the second dive, I encountered an odd problem with the mask and the camera would not turn on. Anyway, the second site was so much more colorful. Sadly, I had no pics here.

After the dive, I got the camera working again. Grrrr.

Diving in Mactan, Cebu

Here’s our boat… named “Makulit”