I love steak. I love cooking my own, my way. Today I cooked a nice portion of Rib-Eye steak and my own lumpy mashed potato. Here is my way of cooking this succulent dish.


First thing is to take out and defrost the steak. I brought home some nice cuts of Rib-Eye steak from Costco the last time I was in the US. Deep frozen in my freezer until needed.


When it’s nice and soft… I pour olive oil and coat it in Lemmon Pepper seasoning. The one thing I have learned is NEVER put salt on a steak. From experience, salt dries out the steak during cooking. And you do not want that.


Don’t put too much Lemon Pepper seasoning…  Finally I squeeze some kalamansi on top.


I then put it into my Turbo Broiler for cooking. I know it seems odd, but I love convection ovens. Believe me… the result is so soft, tender, and juicy.


I set it for around 40 min at 355 degrees. Meanwhile I watch it often, then at 20 min I turn the steak around.


Meanwhile, I start preparing my mashed potatoes. I boil two potatoes for around 15 min. I never liked the instant kind, there is always nothing better than doing it from scratch.


When soft, I peal the potatoes then mash them up using a fork. This is how I always did it. I like my mashed potatoes lumpy… not fine and creamy.


Why I adequately mash them down, I place the potato into a skillet with some olive oil and an indecent amount of butter… I add pepper and garlic salt to taste. I let it cook until it is slightly (ever so slightly) brownish…


I then plate everything, I put some butter on the steak.

What about gravy? I am not a fan of your typical brown gravy for steak. Though I make very good gravy. In a steak restaurant, I usually ask for steak sauce like A1. However, because the steak is so soft, moist, and flavorful, there is no need for gravy or steak sauce. And of course the mashed potatoes were just perfect!

Note: This is my first attempt at documenting my process of cooking. And this was an interesting challenge. Next time I will be better equipped 🙂