I was in the Philadelphia area for a couple of days for a few meetings at the local office which was around 40 min up north. As Philadelphia was one of those “historical” places of interest in the United States, I was hoping to take in a few of the sights while I was there. Sadly, from the time I arrived till the time I left, it rained.

The rain definitely put a “damper” on any plans I had to go around. Not only was it wet… it was damn cold. It was so cold that it even snowed in the Poconos while I was there.

I wasn’t about to leave Philadelphia without making lakwatsa a bit to see something of interest.

I woke up early for what was to be a looong day of travelling. Here was what was in store for me that day. I had to drive from where I was back to the Philadelphia airport (PHL) back to Manchester, Massachusetts airport (MHT) where I left my rental car with my big suitcase (I had just brought my backpack with 2 days worth of clothes) then drive down to Logan airport (BOS) down in Boston to catch my five and a half flight back to San Francisco. My PHL-MHT flight was scheduled to depart at 1pm which meant that I mentally planned to be at the airport at latest 11am. If I planned it right I had a couple of hours to see something.

I had decided that with the little time I had left, I just had to see The Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. With a little online research I found out that there Visitor Center would be open around 8:30am. If I had the time, I could catch the 9am tour of Independence Hall.

Due to a little argument I was having with my GPS… I got to the area around after 9am. I went straight to the visitor center parking area. I wasn’t going to scrimp on parking… well my two destinations didn’t charge admission anyway.

If you aren’t up to speed with American History and the Historical Significance of Independence Hall and The Liberty Bell… you might have at least seen the hall in the movie “National Treasure” with Nicholas Cage.

ActonFortWashington200910 198

The visitor center was a nice little building full of free tours and theatres with scheduled shows. Of course I had no time to linger here.

I made my way through the Visitor Center to the Liberty Bell Center just across the street. Remember I mentioned it was raining and it was cold. Yes it was. It wasn’t raining strong… just a drizzle, but it was still annoying. The rain was not as bad as the freezing cold. My hands and face were numb from it all.

ActonFortWashington200910 238

The Liberty Bell Center is a nice little exhibit which chronicles the adventures of the bell.

ActonFortWashington200910 218 

ActonFortWashington200910 200

The exhibits talked about everything from how the bell forged, got its famous crack, when and how often it was wrong and even plans to secure the bell in World War 2.

ActonFortWashington200910 219

When you get passed a looong corridor of exhibits. You get to the end, in a sparse clear area where the bell is displayed

ActonFortWashington200910 212 

A nice touch to the location of the Bell’s location is the backdrop of Independence Hall in the background.

ActonFortWashington200910 204b


I will have to say that the one disappointing thing to the exhibit for me is “stand” which holds the bell up. It’s nice a “clean” and puts emphasis on the bell itself but doesn’t quite put the bell in a “historical” ambience.

The one problem with traveling alone is that you are the mercy of other tourists to take your picture. 🙂

When I got to the bell, there weren’t a lot of people and I was able to take a lot of pictures of the bell without people around. And then this huge Japanese contingent of tourists came. Oh well… time for me to walk out the exit to thr right of the bell to Independence Hall.

Let me remind you again, it was raining… and cold. Very very cold.

ActonFortWashington200910 230

ActonFortWashington200910 223

By the time I took this picture… I was freezing. And wet.

ActonFortWashington200910s 085

My token “me in the shot” photo.

Wet and frozen… it was now time for me to go back to the car and proceed to the airport. Too bad, I didn’t have time for the free tour of Independence Hall.

ActonFortWashington200910 237

Last shot 🙂 that’s the Liberty Bell Center on the right with Independence Hall in the background.

Wet and cold, it was still a nice, albeit short, one hour trip through history.

For more information, visit the official website of the National Park Service (http://www.nps.gov/inde/liberty-bell-center.htm)

ActonFortWashington200910 207

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