After leaving the little town of Wood’s Hole. I was on the lookout for lunch. I decided to turn into a small restaurant called Seafood Sam. I thought it was regular restaurant, I didn’t realize that it was a actually a fast food.

ActonFortWashington200910s 054

ActonFortWashington200910s 053


When I got inside, I noted the menu board was your typical array of fast food seafood. Fish and Chips, Clam Chowder, Shirp, etc. What struck me was the deep fried scallops. I love scallops and I usually have them pan seared or steamed as part of another dish. never (or rarely) not scallops for scallops sake.

So that is what I ordered.ActonFortWashington200910s 050

After ordering, they gave me a buzzer in the shape of a red lobster. This will light up and vibrate when my order is ready. Cute idea.

ActonFortWashington200910s 051

And there it is, that monochromatic plate of yellow is my deep fried scallops and French fries. Yum. Served with tartar sauce. It was…. goooood. Juicky and suculent. The fries were also good. It might have been “fishy” oil? Basta… masarap.