From Cape Cod, I decided to venture to the JFK Presidential Library and Museum just south of Boston.

JFK was one of those presidents who, in their short life, have made such a significant impact on history. Growing up, he was one of those figures in history who always held me in fascination.

JFK Museum

When I saw a brochure for the JFK Museum, I just had to go.

JFK Museum


The admission was $12 for an adult. I asked “what does this get me? is there a tour.” Well the 12 bucks gives you a self-guided tour. Yeah. You walk, you read, you watch videos.

It starts with a 17 min documentary in one of two theatres (see above photo). It documents the life of JFK from childhood, school life, early political career, until his nomination for president.

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From the theatre, it proceeds to a number of exhibits which chronicles JFK’s political career until his assassination in Dallas.

 JFK Museum

JFK Campaign office

JFK Museum

After the pre-president area of course was this whole section devoted to his preidency

Acton20091001 053

Reproduction of the JFK Oval Office

Acton20091001 059

This “White House” Hallway has separate rooms with presentations ranging from the Cuban Missile Crisis to the Space Race to the Moon.

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There were many exhibits on JFK’s career… but it ended with a few exhibits of post JFK after-effects. The piece of the Berlin wall (on the left) puts to close the cold war era.Acton20091001 070 

The tour exits back to Pavilion which held a spectacular view of Boston harbor.

Acton20091001 038

All in all… a nice visit.


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