I had a meeting today in the Town of Greenville, New Hampshire. I don’t normally blog about business meetings, but as they say it’s about the journey. I left Acton, MA around 11:20am to make it at Greenville before 1pm (with a little lunch squeezed in). I was treated to a trip to stereotypical Small Town USA.

First off, It was a beautiful drive…

Greenville20091005 012

Greenville20091005 003


Above is a picture of what a majority of my trip looked like. 30 min of driving through foliage-laden roadways. It was a nice view of Autumn as the road was filled with a combination of green, orange, and red leaves.

Greenville20091005 014

Classic American architecture abound…

Greenville20091005 006

Greenville20091005 007

And then I got to the town of Greenville

Greenville20091005 016

Greenville20091005 017

The Greenville Town Hall. Before proceeding to the office, I ate at a little diner next to the town hall… but that is a separate post 🙂

Greenville20091005 030

This is the little bridge just next to the office.

Greenville20091005 029

And this brick building is the SeaChange office in the little town of Greenville, NH. It houses around 80 engineers.

Who knew there would be such an office in such a scenic little town?

For more information about this little town… visit http://www.greenvillenh.org/