On our last night in San Francisco, my brother brought my mom and me, along with my sister-in-law, and my nephews to… yes, a Filipino Restaurant. This was a fairly new joint located in South San Francisco a few doors away from Max’s Restaurant. The name of this restaurant… Karilagan (website)

SanFrancisco20090901 186

There a lot of Filipino restaurants these days in the Bay Area, among them, the upscale Intramuros Restaurant also in South San Francisco. But, Karilagan was a nice simple place which served very good Filipino food.

According to their website, the name means “Splendor” and I would have to say that their food lived up to its name.

As my nephews were hungry, my sister-in-law ordered the food before hand so it was ready when we got there….

SanFrancisco20090901 190

First, Kare-Kare with oodles of bagoong…

SanFrancisco20090901 191


SanFrancisco20090901 195

And of course… sisig!

The meal was great. And despite the fact that I am returning to Manila tomorrow, the Filipino food was a welcome treat amidst bland American food. My nephews ate like there was no tomorrow.

We had dessert, but I forgot to take out my camera then. I was disappointed that they ran out of Leche Flan for the evening.

That said, I’d give the place 5 stars for food taste and value, and a 4 for ambience. The place wasn’t overly decorated or pretentious… I would say that everything was just right.

If you ever find yourself in the western part of the Bay Area and in need of good Filipino food. I highly recommend Karilagan located at 1129 El Camino Real, South San Francisco.