We went out for a late lunch. It being day 2 of the Labor Day weekend, and the fact the Bay Bridge was closed, we decided to go somewhere within some proximity to the house. We went down Highway 1, around 20 miles south of the house, and made our way to Half Moon Bay.

The route was depressing, thick fog everywhere, but eventually the fog thinned out as we came down Cabrillo towards Half Moon Bay. The sun was out, and it was a great day. Problem is, a lot of people thought so too, a lot of destinations by the coast were full of parked cars.

We ended up in Pillar Point Harbor and we ate at the Princeton Seafood Co. (website). It was a nice quaint little place full of people out enjoying the great weather.

SanFrancisco20090901 159

SanFrancisco20090901 162

As one would expect in an American coastal town restaurant, the menu at Princeton Seafood Co. had the typical array of deep fried seafood…

SanFrancisco20090901 166b

I ordered two of my classic favorites for this kind of place…

SanFrancisco20090901 170b

Clam Chowder with half sourdough bread. The “New England” Clam Chowder variety which is white. Apparently this was a “best seller” for this restaurant. I love sourdough bread, a San Francisco staple. A lot of my friends don’t like it, because it is “sour”…but I love it. Especially when you dip the bread into the soup itself. I ordered a bowl+bread as opposed to the nice-looking but hard-to-eat soup in a bread bowl. I always had a hard time tearing up the bread bowl in the process.

Anyway… yum!

SanFrancisco20090901 173b

My other classic order… Fish & Chips. Ah, fried just right with crunchy batter on the outside and a warm moist fish fillet on the inside! Served with cream of tartar sauce.

SanFrancisco20090901 156

We were lucky to get a table inside. Meanwhile the line at the take-out counter was never without people. It even became longer when we were inside.

SanFrancisco20090901 182b

There were a lot of surfers out today enjoying the waves. Though the waves weren’t that high.