This wasn’t a planned trip.

I went to Olongapo to attend the baptism of of the kid of one of my best friends. I was one of the godfathers. As is the case when I go on a trip outside Manila, I lug around my “just-in-cace” bag which contained clothes for any possible destination. I wasn’t sure where I was going after the baptism, but I was sure that I didn’t want to go back to Manila immediately. Some possible destinations included Anawangin Cove, La-Union, and Baguio.

After the baptism, my friend Deo asked me to hang out with him and family in Subic. They had checked-into Camayan Resort for the weekend. I ended-up staying overnight. A good thing I was prepared (kakatawa nga, I had more clothes than the family). Since nakisingit ako… my fee was a staggering P550.

Where is Camayan Resort? Simple. When head towards Ocean Adventure. Camayan Resort is right next to it.

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All in all, I would say that the place is “OK”. It’s convenient to get to and the beach isn’t bad. The water was quite clear and you can see an assortment of fish swim up to you. Some, were more “aggressive” than others. It was quite Family friendly.

That said, the place does have its downside. It is open to the public… you pay an entrance fee of P300 if you are on a day trip and don’t check into the hotel. Why is that a downside for me? Well the beach was crowded.

It’s not the nicest of beaches. But again… it isn’t that bad. It’s… “OK.” I would probably go back… if I was with a group and kids were included. But for me… I prefer something more rustic and secluded.