I accompanied a friend of mine to the town of San Clemente for an early morning meeting. Afterwards we took a look around the town. We drove by the coast and walked around.

First we went to a public beach. More than the water, what fascinated us were the soft sand “rock” formations around an area near the parking lot. The eerie formations looked like they belonged at a desert than the beach.

SanFrancisco20090901 048

The above was a pathway to some grotto which even had a statue of Mother Mary…

SanFrancisco20090901 062

Next to the dessert-like area were train tracks for a commuter train…

SanFrancisco20090901 057

We then proceeded to the town proper to look for some brunch.

SanFrancisco20090901 070

Nice town. Very “seaside community” feel.

SanFrancisco20090901 077

SanFrancisco20090901 087

We stopped at this local place called La Galette Seaside Cafe’ (website) which served… crepes.

SanFrancisco20090901 085

Ramil ordered the “Berry Feast”

SanFrancisco20090901 086

I ordered this Chicken Salad called “Chicken Fuji”… according to the menu “Chunks of White Meat Chicken Breast, Crisp Apples & Gorgonzola cheese tossed with a hazelnut dressing.”

SanFrancisco20090901 088

After eating we walked around the pier taking in the sights.

SanFrancisco20090901 092

SanFrancisco20090901 079

SanFrancisco20090901 074