“Experience the Longest, Fastest, & Tallest Zipline in Asia!” – That’s the one liner on the Outland Adventure on their website.

Ever since I saw that one line on their website, I longed to give it a shot. I had first ridden a zipline in Cagayan de Oro in March 2009 which probably lasted a mere 5 seconds. I made it a point to prioritize the Xcelerator during my next trip Davao. And luckily, I had a business trip planned for April 2009. I would then return a month later and ride another 2 times.

Davao200904-j 071

First trip, April 18, 2009

How to get there? All taxi cabs in Davao know where this is. Just tell them you want to go the Xcelerator Zipline. My cab didn’t know what Outland Adventure was!

When I got there, they asked if I wanted to go seated or “Superman" where you like flat and make like… well, Superman. I obviously didn’t want to go seated. (When I came back in May, I found out there was a 3rd option (later on this).

The entire trip’s spans 1 km in length. It takes me around 40 seconds. Which I guess translates to 25 meters per second. (tama ba math ko?). Anyway, they say that the speed varies on how heavy you are 🙂 So I guess lighter people are slower and take longer?

Davao200904-j 069

First I get suited up in all these harnesses. Nice and snug

Davao200904-j 066 Davao200904-j 066 Davao20080417 021

Then there is a long 10 min trek… across a little lake on  a raft, then up a hill.

 Davao20080417 022 Davao200904-j 078

It could get confusing…

Davao20080417 028

and when you are ready to give yup…

Davao20080417 031

That is a loooong way down….

Davao20080417 033

Ok… I’m ready now… gasp!

Davao20080417 037

Here I come! Do you see me?

Davao200904-j 097

Safety – If you look closely, this ride has a safety feature I appreciate… note the dual cables. It probably isn’t needed, but its comforting to know that there is a secondary cable “just in case.”

Davao200904-j 109

WOOHOOOO! “I believe I can fly!” (Thanks to Jasper, “The Backback Boy” for this shot from the ground)

Davao200904-j 112 Davao200904-j 113

I MADE IT! What a rush!!!

Coming back, May 15, 2009

I came back to Davao a little less than month later. The Xcelerator was once again on my priority list.

So I’m back. And this time, I signed up for two trips. The first… Superman style again!

Davao20090515 001

Argh… I have to make that trek again!!! First the raft…

Davao20090515 010 

Then trek up stairs…

Davao20090515 012


Davao20090515 013

Aaah… made it!

Davao20090515 014

Ah… finally I’m up. And ready.

Davao20090515 016

This time I take a video!!

Making sure I have my camera wrapped around my hand. I jumped off the trtip. All in all, the ride took around 40 seconds.

 Davao20090515 021 Davao20090515 023

I got strapped in for my second ride! This time, I did it upside down. It’s actually the same experience… you’re just upside down 🙂

This is one ride I will definitely ride again when I go back to Davao. It is quite a rush!

Contact Details:

Outland Adventure
Facility / Camp
Diversion Road, Maa
Across from The GAP Farm
Davao City, Philippines

Website: http://www.outlandadventure.org/ 

What about the competition?

Davao20090515 028

Nearby there is another place called ZipCity. It is easier to get to, and the tower you see in the picture is right next to the road. So there is no long trek. I didn’t ride this (because there was a long line of people) but based on my ocular evaluation… this is much shorter and the folks went slower. Sorry but it looked corny and blah! Definitely less exciting.

Davao20090515 029

If you want a better thrill… stick to Outland Adventure and the Xcelerator. It’s worth it!

Lakwatsero recommended!!!

Davao20090515 027

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