Twin Lagoons, Coron, Palawan (Day 2, Part 3) – June 5, 2009

Twin Lagoons, Coron, Palawan (Day 2, Part 3) – June 5, 2009

From our lunch at Atwayan Beach… our next destination was called the Twin Lagoons.

According to the Coron Travel Brochure – “Dare to swim into a small underwater tunnel to cross from one lagoon to another. The limestone cliffs that separate the two lagoons, the tranquil waters, along with the challenge of the underwater tunnel make for a an unforgettable adventure”

Coron20090604 261

Getting there was breadth taking! The rock formations leading up to the Twin Lagoons was fantastic!




When we got to the first of the twin lagoons… there were all these bangkas parked. The main attraction is actually the second lagoon which was accessible through a little hole on the cliff wall.

We got life vests on the kids and started swimming. I took care of my two older god children as I dragged them through the little hole.

This is the view on the other side.

Here’s little 3 year old Gavin wading around.

The entire lagoon was of course crowned by these majestic cliffs.

After swimming around inside the lagoon for maybe around 45 min. We headed back to the boat for our last stop of the day… Kayangan Lake.


Coron20090604 279


  1. Wow!

    These are great shots!

  2. Paradise!

  3. wow…. i will visit that this summer…. thanks for the pix

  4. hello, these photos are really awesome. my friend and i are visiting palawan in october. can you share with us your tour guide contact details po? thank you! :)


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