After breakfast, we went back to the hotel and waited for our friends to get ready. First things first, we arranged for our tours for the next two days. Due to the late start, we scheduled the Lok Kawi Wildlife Park for the afternoon, then scheduled Island Hoping for the next day. Needless to say I had big expectations for Kota Kinabalu.

We walked around a bit to waste time before our 1pm schedule for Lok Kawi. First stop, the grocery to pick up supplies.

Job opportunity?

Kota Kinabalu

By 11am, we started hunting for food. We decided to be simple and head for the nearby mall and tried to choose a restaurant. We were running out of time so opted for a restaurant called Secret Recipe. I know this place has been around for a while and I hear there are branches in the Philippines… I have never tried. So this seemed like an interesting place.

Kota Kinabalu


The menu was interesting. A lot of strange items. I opted for the first thing that struck my eye… Tom Yang Spaghetti. My reason was shallow. I love Tom Yang Gung the famous Thai Soup, so I assumed it would taste similar.

Kota Kinabalu

Hmmm interesting.

Ok… so the spaghetti was good. Not great, but quite good. And it tasted nothing like Tom Yang the soup. Oh well. it was satisfying.

Kota Kinabalu

I did order a very interesting Iced tea. 🙂

All in all, I would go back to Secret Recipe and try other stuff on the menu. Would I order Tom Yang Spaghetti again? Probably not.

Next… Lok Kawi Wildlife Park