During the long weekend, I joined Joanna, Yancy, Arnie, Johnny, and Lorraine on a diving trip to Anilao.

We met up at 5:30am at the Petron station along SLEX – a typical meeting spot for many southbound vacationers. We proceeded to good the Aquaventure Reef Club in the town of Mabini, Batangas.


We quickly got organized and we were off to our first two dives for the day. I forgot what sites we went to. We left the dives at the hand of our dive master, Abet. The dives were quite “eventful” we saw quite a lot of interesting sights.

(nope. the above picture is not from this trip 🙁 Joanna had forgotten her underwater camera. My camera only goes down 15 feet. the photo above is from a previous Anilao trip in June 2009)

We saw some big frog fishes, two huge Jacks, each one around 1 meter long. Puffer fish. And all the usual underwater sights.


What was unusual for us was a sighting of dolphins. On our way between dive sites, I saw the fins of 3 dolphins heading our way. I thought to myself… “what are those? sharks?” and then I saw one dolphin dive and the signature tail reveals itself. I quickly shouted out “DOLPHINS!” It wasn’t something we were expecting. Totally thrilling. My day was made.

After the first two dives, we went back to the Reef Club to get a fresh set of tanks and to eat lunch.

The Aquaventure buffet lunch is always good. Especially when you’re hungry. But the food served this day was particularly yummy. Nothing special when you think about it, spicy crab, fried chicken, pork humba… but it was quite fulfilling.

After lunch, at around 2pm we proceeded out for our third dive for the day. It was ok, but the water conditions were becoming quite harsh.

Maraat20090831 001

Maraat20090831 002

Maraat20090831 003


Diving is always a good lakwatsa.