Last June 4-7, 2009, I joined my long time friend, Noel along with his family to a few days on Coron, Palawan. As godfather to all his three sons, my role was to play yaya when needed.

We took PAL Express from Naia 3 to Busuanga, Palawan. The trip was uneventful. We took the first flight in.

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Coron20090604 005

Welcome to Busuanga Airport.

Coron20090604 008

From the airport, we took a van which took around 45 minutes to our resort. The Busuanga Island Paradise (website)

Coron20090604 012

It’s a nice little resort. It’s one of those places which is not too far from its website. I’s not a seaside resort, and the main water feature is the pool. But the place was clean and fairly cheap. I got my own casita… and as fate would have it… they gave me the blue casita.

Coron20090604 058

Coron20090604 041   Coron20090604 042

Coron20090604 044   Coron20090604 043

My room was clean. The only problem is the area, by nature has a lot of bugs.

Coron20090604 054

Traveler’s Note:
My one really frustrating thing about this place. No Globe Signal. So there goes the broadband equipment I brought my Globe Tatoo. I had no internet while I was here!!! I had to wait to get to town to do any Facebook updates (hehe). Note: They do have Smart signal at the resort. Had I known, I would have brought SmartBro.

Coron20090604 047

After checking into our rooms, we were hungry. So we had lunch by the pool.

Coron20090604 015

As mentioned. I played yaya to my godchildren. Here I am with Gavin.

Anyway. After lunch we were now off to take a look around Coron. We took a van to town, and arranged some tours at a local tour office.

Horse Valley

After lunch we went to the town of Coron for a little Horse back riding. We didn’t get to ride because the cowboys weren’t around… so we just went around looking at the horses.

Coron20090604 059

 Coron20090604 062

 Coron20090604 071

Know the expression, “hung like a horse?” Well… if you look closely… that is NOT a fifth leg. This is the first time I saw this phenomenon. Hahaha.

Coron20090604 077

Since we couldn’t ride any of the horses, we just looked around. From there we went to our next venue. After the Horse Valley we went to Mt. Tapyas where the guide told us we should walk up the steps… 700 (or so) steps up to the 2000 feet above sea level.

Mt. Tapyas

Coron20090604 084

The walk up had nice scenic views around Coron.

Coron20090604 085b

The view somewhere in the middle of the stair climb up.

Coron200906-Noel 047

With Noel Reyes.

Coron20090604 087


Coron20090604 102

I got to the top and looked down. Hard to believe I walked up that. (pant pant)

Coron20090604 117

The view from above is breadth taking!

Coron20090604 112

Coron20090604 113

Mt. Tapyas’ main landmark which could be seen from all over is this steel cross. In front of the cross is the big cemented deck. But you can walk around behind the cross for the views of the mountain range.

Coron20090604 141

And again… what a view!

Anyway… it was time now for the long walk down. Personally I prefer uphill steps than downhill steps.

Coron20090604 144

When we got down, I noticed the dedication plaque. Now… this is a pretty strange dedication don’t you think? Seems weird for a tourist destination.

Maquinit Hot Springs

From Mt. Tapyas we headed for Maquint Hot Springs. I actually don’t recall ever visiting a hot spring before… anyway this was really… HOT!

Coron20090604 147

This is was an interesting place. As mentioned, the hot springs was very hot. After getting used to the water, it was actually quite comfortable. Supposedly it has healing properties.



With Noel and Jenn.

After soaking for a while we drressed up. Dried up. And had dinner in town. We found some nice local restuarant that served some pretty good Filipino food.

End of day 1

Day 2 promises to be fun… Island hopping! Yehey!  (Go to Day 2)

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