Last weekend (July 18-19, 2009) Patrick and I were planning on a northbound road trip starting with Anawangin Bay via San Antonio, Zambales. Be that as it may, the weather was not cooperative. It had been raining for the past two days and I was hoping the storm would have passed. So early Saturday morning of July 18 I called off the trip and postoned it for Sunday. The sun peaked through for a bit on Saturday so it seemed like Sunday was ok. It did rain a bit Saturday afternoon, but I was confident.

Sunday morning our group grew into a group of four… Jasper and Jonathan who both had appointments the previous day joined us on the trek to Anawangin Bay. I picked everyone up from 6:45-7:15am.

From Manila to the NLEX, the weather was ok… the sun peering through at some points. But when we got to the SCTEX, just as passed Dinalupihan it started to pour. I could see a wall of water divide areas along the highway.

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Upon exiting at Subic with the downpour being what it was, I aborted the trip to Anawangin, rationalizing that if we did get there, it would not be worth the stay. So we decided to stick to the area. Jonathan being a native of the area, gave us tour… first we went to Tree Top adventure. We got there around 9am… it opens at 10. So we left and went around. We headed towards Ocean Adventure Park passing the entrance to Zubic Safari.

We got to Ocean Adventure, as it was closed we decided to eat our Anawangin baon in the car.

Subic20090720 067

While waiting we found out what the show schedules were and discussed the time spent had we stayed. I honestly wasn’t to hot about staying. The only that interested me was the Dolphin petting thing… but since it was raining might not have been a good experience. We doused the idea and proceeded back to Tree Top Adventure.

( Website: Tree Top Adventure )

When we got to Tree Top Adventure, the guys there were very friendly. We were given a briefing on the different activities they offered and what we could do. Had the weather been better I would have opted for the full experience. I didn’t want to go trekking amidst the muddy forest floor. All all we did a mix and match of stuff and didnt all go for the same thing. Patrick and I opted for the Canopy Ride and the ”Superman” (more on that later).

The Canopy ride was advertised to take around 45 min -1 hour. I wasn’t sure what to expect. When we got to the first station that’s where I realized that it was motorized.

First off… we got suited up.

Subic20090720 069

You will note that because were headed for a beach… we were attired in slippers and board shorts. This later Subic20090720 016

turned out to be a good thing. Jonathan isn’t in this picture because he opted for something else at this time.

Strapped up for the first leg!

Subic20090720 019

The ride accommodated 3 pax at a time. Had we been 4, it would be 2 trips of 2.

Subic20090720 026

The entire ride was really cool. There are 10 stations all in all. The ride was kinda slow. Since it was motorized, we were not at the mercy of gravity for speed. And despite the height, it wasn’t scary. Jasper, who is acrophobic said the ride was ok for him. The only thing I was conscious of was that my flip flops would fall to the forest floor.

Subic20090720 020

Each time we would get off at a station, the attendants would attach our leash to the railings to make sure we don’t accidentally fall or wander off.

Subic20090720 029

Every now and then… some great views around Subic. Well in this case, there was an annoying factory in the way

Subic20090720 035

Foot view

Subic20090720 022

Needless to say… it started raining… hard. At some parts of the forest, we had the leaves for cover… but heading up to the 100 foot mark, there was just sky above us. This limited my picture taking as I didn’t have my camera’s protective pouch at the time. At least we were dressed to get wet.

Subic20090720 041

Subic20090720 045

When we got back, everything was wet…

Subic20090720 048

When we got back, there was a large group of people waiting. I guess they didn’t want to get wet and were waiting it out. However, I must say that a lot of them didn’t seem like they were dressed for the activities. Especially the women.

Subic20090720 047 

I was all wet after the Canopy Ride… but wait! One more activity… the Superman ride.

The entrance to the Superman ride was elsewhere so we left the platform.

The Superman ride kinda resembled a zip line experience. I love zip lines, and I have been to Davao’s Xcelerator by Outland Adventure (website) twice. Why do I say it only resembles zip line? Because this is motorized!


This was a weird experience. You are strapped… in reverse. We move backward first then forward.


Wooohooo…. going backward was more of a rush since you couldn’t see where you were headed.


And forward.

That was nice trip. A different experience from a a true gravity-induced zip line… but fun nonetheless.

Anyway… a quick change of clothes and we were off to have lunch!

Subic20090720 044

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