Roadtrip to Infanta, Quezon – July 13, 2009

Roadtrip to Infanta, Quezon – July 13, 2009

Searching through the internet for a definition for “Lakwatsero", a common definition goes something like “one who travels aimlessly without a destination.” Last weekend’s road trip really follows that definition.

Last weekend was supposed to southbound towards the Bicol Region. Then we decided… let’s go northbound itself… and then we settled on… let’s go east instead towards Quezon. We took out one of my maps and I pointed… how about there?

Many many years ago, I had heard about a road from Antipolo which crosses to Quezon. Looking at the map it is the shortest route from Quezon Ctiy. I had planned to do this for years but have never been able to get the trip organized. I guess it is best not to plan.

This trip was just me and Kent. RD had backed out due to a new commitment and Patrick got sick the night before.

Retracing the route Jasper and I took on a trip to Quezon in March earlier this year, we went from Makati to Ortigas extension up to Antipolo, Rizal, then following down heading through Rizal Province to the provinces of Laguna then Quezon.

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Tanay, Rizal

We started kinda late… 9am… we were passing through Tanay, Rizal around 10:30 when we decided to stop and get a bite to eat. As with small towns, deciding where to park in the narrow streets is always a dilemma. A church always makes a good parking area. We thus stopped at the Tanay Church

CalirayaPangsanjan20090711 008

Tanay Church (as is stated in the plack to right of the door) is also know as San Idelfonso Parish Church and built between 1773-1783 during the Spanish era.

It was a nice rustic design, typical of provincial churches of the era

CalirayaPangsanjan20090711 015

Perhaps due to budget constraints or maybe it was intentional, it was nice to see that the church was not too modernized, thus retaining its “genuine” feel.

More info on the church here.

CalirayaPangsanjan20090711 012

CalirayaPangsanjan20090711 016

They had a hodge-podge of saints and religious artifacts.

CalirayaPangsanjan20090711 023

People who know me, know I love nitpick… I found it amusing to find that they had a category for “Special Waste” which oddly includes Diapers and Sanitary Napkins.

KM3 Restaurant

Following the National Road, we turned left a major intersection at Famy and towards Infanta. We headed up the Sierra Madre mountain range. It was around 12nn at the time so we decided to look out for a place to eat. We then saw an interesting restautant at around a curve up the mountain called KM3

CalirayaPangsanjan20090711 034

CalirayaPangsanjan20090711 024

Not sure why it was named that way… it certainly wasn’t a kilometer marker. I was initially bothered by the fact that there were no customers. It had one waitress and the cook was outside at the time. It had all these motorbikes outside… maybe it was someone’s parking.

As we went in… it was quite sparse. Though the menu looked interesting. My next thought was interesting. I was expecting the waitress to tell us that items on the menu were not available. Tempted by what we saw, we ordered Bulalo and Lechon Kawali.

CalirayaPangsanjan20090711 025

When I went to the washroom which was downstairs, I discovered that it was 3 levels and even had a sort of events/conference on the middle level. Needless to say, it was big! I then assumed that we were probably quite early… and that it could be THE evening venue of the area.

Our food then arrived…

CalirayaPangsanjan20090711 030

When the Bulalo arrived. It was big… especially for just the two of us. But of all the bulalo I have ever had… this is the tastiest! The soup had a sotanghon-type flavor and the whole dish was full of pepper… I loved it. If you look closely, the soup isn’t your typical clear bulalo soup.

CalirayaPangsanjan20090711 033

Not realizing how big the bulalo was, I had ordered the ever reliable lechon kawali. Yes it was yummy and classic.

All in all, lunch was very very satisfying. If I ever pass this way again, I will insist on eating here again. I give this place two thumbs up!

The Sierra Madre

CalirayaPangsanjan20090711 036

CalirayaPangsanjan20090711 037


While I have seen the Sierra Madre mountain range many times, I have never crossed it. Beautiful views and full of coconut trees.

The Pacific Ocean… reaching Infanta

After crossing the Sierra Madre, a small patch of the Pacific Ocean started to peek through through the trees… my heart jumped! Wohoo!!! After all these years, I made!

That was the end of the excitement for this venue.

 CalirayaPangsanjan20090711 039

Needless to say, after seeing the beaches of Palawan, Bohol, etc. I must say that nature did not reach out to me here. I was damn disappointing. It had no “beach” to speak of as you could see. It didn’t seem to have sand… what we had was… rock and soil.

I realized that coasts are not created equal. Just because there is water and palm trees does not a paradise make.

CalirayaPangsanjan20090711 040

But we went all this way. We needed to give it a chance… so we continued northbound towards Infanta hoping for some reprieve and the promise of paradise. We didn’t find any.

There were resorts mind you. If you can refer to them as resorts. Mostly they were places to stop and picnic with a view of the water.

We some signs to the coastal town of Real so we made a right… heading to “Puerto Real” or Port of Real. No… it is not the resort… it was… a port.

CalirayaPangsanjan20090711 041

CalirayaPangsanjan20090711 044

It was a small port. But here is where we realized something strange. No one seemed to mind us. No one asked us what we were doing there. No one even tried to sell us anything. I thought to myself… this is such an unfriendly place.

CalirayaPangsanjan20090711 046

The highlight was we found these workers loading logs into a truck. They looked like telephone-pole-like petrified logs. Which were cut somewhere then dragged down the water to the port for loading into trucks. Interesting.

CalirayaPangsanjan20090711 047

We left the port and made our way northbound to Infanta. We found ourselves more inland as we entered Infanta. We hadn’t reached the town-proper when we decided to just turn back. We were thinking that there probably wasn’t anything else scenic we we would encounter. And it was only like 2:30pm… U-Turn!

No big deal really. After all, being Lakwatseros, we had no real destination in mind, so we decided to look for something else… we crossed the Sierra Madre… passed the KM3 restaurant… and proceeded back to the intersection at Famy, Laguna.

Sometimes… It is all about the trip. Not the destination.

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  1. Really, there is not much to see in Infanta. But you should try crossing the Lamon Bay to see the best beaches in Quezon Province. The Pollilo group of islands (Pollilo, Patnanungan and Jomalig) has beaches comparable to the best in the Phils.

    The jump off point to these islands is in barangay Ungos in Real,Quezon.

    Actually, another “lakwatsero” has a very good review of the beaches in Jomalig.

    • Thanks. In this case, it was more about the trip rather than the destination. I has long heard about reaching Quezon via Tagaytay, and i always wanted to try it out.

      • One of the best places to visit is Laguna… I can still remember the time when we went in Lucban, Quezon to see the famous grotto. The route via Pagsanjan-Cavinti-luisiana is something wonderful to experience… After 2 years, I still remember the scenic views while travelling along the roads through odd public vehicle… i suggest you try to go in this place through this unexplored route…

  2. Hi! I want to take a land trip going to Infanta, Quezon and your post is very helpful. Are there signs to tell motorists that they are taking the correct route going there? I have scoured the internet for maps but there is a dearth of info on the alternate routes on how to get to Infanta. Thanks anyway for the post.

    • Hi Luis! Thanks for visiting my site. As far as I remember, there are none. I had along one of those maps (that you can buy at Mercury Drug) and it generally told me where to turn left down from that road from Antipolo. But after that itwas mostly intuition and common sense. If i recall there not a lot of other options so I doubt you would get lost.

  3. Thanks. I know very well the road from Ortigas going to Binangonan but further than that i haven’t tried it. But i heard from so many people about the road you took. So i will try it soon. Thanks anyway

  4. I am looking for the quickest way or information on how to get to dingalan and I used to hear stories about infanta as crossing point from rizal to dingalan. the stories you told along this route to infanta catch my interest and gave me hope that I will be able to do a roadtrip to my hometown, . Can you give me the exact route that you used? thank you very much. I love the pictures they remind me of how that side of aurora. I love this kind of roadtrip simple and smooth.

    • Hi! Thanks for visiting the post. I believe I described the route we took in the post. I studied the route from Google Maps lang.

  5. We are doing the Marcos Highway route going to Infanta. Not sure if this is the same route. Our group consisting of photo and travel enthusiasts will be making the trip this Saturday. Might be staying in either Infanta or Real for the night. I heard there are waterfalls that one can easily visit after a short hike in Real. Beach should be Infanta although we will be waiting for the sunrise at Real. Any other places along the route you might suggest that we stop and take photos? :)

    • It’s a different route po… :) the route you will be taking is the new road. shorter route than the usual. There’s no sea along the way pure mountainside. But worth the ride. Beaches are also in Real, Fresh Fishes and food trip Infanta, Quezon.

  6. Hi!Just wanted to let you know, that being Lakwatsero does not mean road trips alone…You only saw the high-way of Real and never reached Infanta. So how can you saw there’s not much to see in Infanta? Being a native of both towns you “supposedly” visited,, the wonders of these towns are not in the town centers. Or maybe you are not really that adventurist and enthusiastic on exploring what these towns has to offer… Sayang ang gasolina nyo dahil hindi kayo dumiretso at hindi kayo nag-ikot. :(

  7. Hi,
    I was born in Real, Quezon. Try Balagbag falls in Brgy. Malapad, Real Quezon and eat some food like “sinantol” and drink “lambanog”.

  8. I think you’ve just reached Real, Quezon because I didn’t see photos from Infanta, Quezon.


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