We got into Kota Kinabalu by 7:30pm and got to the hotel around 8:15pm. Hungry, Femee and I went hunting for food. From our hotel, The Promenade Hotel (website), we headed towards The Waterfront Esplanade. Reminds me a little bit like Roxas Blvd, during the Atienza regime (pre-Lim) with all the restaurants by the water. Looking at the fare of Westernized restos… we opted for the Chinese resto called Port View Seafood Village.

The front area had all of these aquariums for “fresh” seafood. We were so hungry we just wanted to order from a menu.

It it was a “typical” Chinese restaurant…

KotaKinabalu20090723 064

Here is what we ended up ordering.

KotaKinabalu20090723 059 

Fish with Ginger

KotaKinabalu20090723 060

Fried Prawns in Soy Sauce

KotaKinabalu20090723 061

Fried Oysters

And of course, Yang Chow Fried Rice.

All of what we ordered had a “Frozen” notation. Which meant they were not “fresh”. Which was ok, since they were cheaper and you can’t tell the difference anyway.

The food was “OK”. When you are hungry everything tastes good. But in retrospect… the fish wasn’t too flavorful, but it was cooked just right. The prawns were more like shrimp… making them hard to shell by spoon and fork and even by hand… but in fairness, masarap siya. The best dish we ordered (for me) was the fried oysters. Which after eating a few… left an odd after taste.

Overall the meal was satisfying. However it isn’t the best Chinese Seafood around. Doing some research on the internet after, I found these reviews on Trip Advisor which are spot on (TripAdvisor Review).

For us however, the service was good. It was quick and our server was very courteous. The food wasn’t bad. And the ambiance was ok (I was facing the water). Probably not the type of place a Westerner would go to.

Would I eat there again? I would if I was with a group and they insisted to eat there. But would I choose to go there again? Probably not. Would I recommend this place to a friend? No.