Needless to say, there were a lot of Filipinos in Kota Kinabalu. The problem is… you can’t really tell… the Malaysians looked like Filipinos (or vice-versa).

So after the dinner at Port View, Femee and I walked around the Waterfront. Right smack in the middle, we noticed that there was this area with folks offering massage services like Foot Reflexology, Shoulder Massage, etc. We were approached by this guy who quickly handed us a form with prices. For RM43, you get an hour of misc. services. So I turned to Femee and said “mukhang OK naman, ano try natin.” immediately the guy said “mga Pilipino pala kayo.” Hehe

Apparently all of the masseurs and masseuses were all Filipinio, as well as the owner of the establishment.

We chose different services and we relaxed the next hour.

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It was quite relaxing. While we were on our sofas… they projected movies on the tent ceiling above. We watched “The curious case of Benjamin Button” during the massage.

Feeling relaxed I gave a RM50 bill and left the change as tip (which isn’t customary in Malaysia, but they were kababayans anyway)

I came back the following night as well 🙂