Bohol land tour – Chocolate Hills, Man-Made Forest, Dauis Church, Bohol Bee Farm

Chocolate Hills

From the Tarsiers and Loboc River Cruise… we made our way to the most famous symbol of Bohol (then again is it the Tarsiers?”) the famous Chocolate Hills.

Bohol20090620-Nikon 106b

Taking photos of the Chocolate Hills was really strange. From the viewing deck, after taking the photos, no matter what we do… the photos seemed flat, because none of the front mounds protrude over the horizon… it was an interesting experience.

Bohol20090620-Nikon 093

When it started to rain, we went down to the viewing deck to get away from the rain. I decided to walk around the road below the viewing deck and I got a better view of the hills from below.

Bohol20090620-Nikon 119

That’s a big mound of chocolate.Bohol20090620-Nikon 121

The Chocolate Hills are definitely quite a sight to behold. No one knows for sure what formed them. There is some explanation about limestone or volcanoes but nothing definitive. Of course the lack of explanation gives them a better mystique about them. And they are definitely a must on anyone’s trip to Bohol.

Man Made Forest

On our way back to Panglao, we passed through the “Man Made Forest.” I guess it is obvious why they are called that. Because it is a forest that is man made? Well the tree growth didn’t seem all to natural and random 🙂

Bohol20090620-Nikon 133

Bohol20090620-Nikon 140

Bohol20090620-Nikon 137

We actually spent a lot of time here. After my pic on the middle of the road (3 pics up) Jasper and Patrick O. set up their tripods and took pics of themselves…

Bohol20090620-Nikon 144

It was rather amusing as they were just taking pictures of themselves. Forgetting about me and Patrick M. Every now and then a car or motorcycle would pass by and they would have to move their tripods.

After a while I got them to take a group pic 🙂

Bohol20090620-JASPER 250

Hanging Bridge

Another famous tourist attraction is the Hanging Bridge. This bridge really wasn’t meant as a tourist attraction to begin with… it was just a hanging bridge for the people in the area to cross the river. Not a place for someone with acrophobia. Getting on the bridge can be disconcerting at first… but after a while one adjusts.

Bohol20090620-Nikon 167

Bohol20090620-JASPER 266

For the full experience. I took a video of my walk back. You will notice that there is quite “traffic” along the way.

Bohol20090620-Nikon 169

Dauis Church

From the Hanging Bridge we had one last stop. We stopped at Dauis Church also known as Our Lady of Assumption Church. Supposedly the water from a well under the church and has healing properties. The church was constructed during the Spanish era and had very nice architecture.


Bohol20090620-Nikon 173

Bohol20090620-Nikon 170

The Watch Tower which over looks the water.

Bohol20090620-Nikon 182

Beautiful Spanish Architecture!

Bohol20090620-Nikon 189

Your typical jump shot!

Bohol20090620-PORNY 177

This is the well where they lower a bucket to the water below. This is situated right in front of the altar. People would come in with all these empty plastic bottles to fill up. Actually when we first arrived to the church there were literally bus loads of people walking in with their bottles.

Bohol20090620-Nikon 205

Bohol Bee Farm

The last stop for the day was the Bohol Bee Farm. I wasn’t expecting much, but it was a very nice place! I highly recommend that this be part of anyone’s experience.

Bohol20090620-Sony 034

We took a tour about the various stuff they grew there and of course, we got to see how they make honey from honey bees.

Yup… that’s a slab of honey comb full of BEES!!!!

Bohol20090620-JASPER 329

The tour had other parts… like how the grow earthworms, weave curtains and placemats from abaka. The place also has a huge restaurant in the back. I bought some honey-related stuff at their store.

End of the day.

After we went back to the resort. We walked to Alona Beach for some dinner. We ate in two places after the first place didn’t satisfy us.

Bohol20090620-JASPER 367

We had some Pizza at the Hayahay Pizza… supposedly with the Best Pizza on Alona Beach. Yeah… the pizza was good… but not THAT great!

Bohol20090620-JASPER 377

End of day 1