Bohol Land Tour – Tarsiers, Loboc River Cruise


Next step on our tour of Bohol… one of the key symbols of Bohol… the Tarsiers. We left the useless python “Prony” and made our way to one of many Tarsier centers… so as we got on the road a sign told us to stop…

Bohol20090620-Nikon 069

We saw a lot of Tarsiers at this particular center. I think they had around 30 Tarsiers here. Cute and small with those staring eyes.

Bohol20090620-JASPER 141

Bohol20090620-JASPER 154

Bohol20090620-Nikon 059

Bohol20090620-Nikon 060

Sadly… there is a new policy with regards to Tarsiers. You can’t hold them, you can’t touch them. Apparently these stresses the Tarsiers out. Once stressed they could commit suicide.

We were joking around about what it meant for a Tarsier to commit suicide and how they did it… apparently they bang their head against a branch or a rock, and due to the soft skull they have… the can fatally injure themselves.

That said, here is the closest we can get to a Tarsier…

Bohol20090620-Nikon 065

which is sad… because a few years ago you could actually hold a tarsier amd have them pose for photos. Below is a photo taken in May 2003 with friends Josine Bustalino and Deo Co

bohol 063

Anyway… back to the present…

  Bohol20090620-Nikon 058  Bohol20090620-Nikon 068

Loboc River Cruise

Now it was time for lunch. Bohol is famous for the various floating restaurants that cruise along the Loboc river…. thus they are so called… Loboc River Cruise. The entire cruise lasts about an hour (I actually forgot to check the time) which gives you enough time to eat and take a view of the river.

Bohol20090620-Nikon 072

I didn’t know if our driver had a special deal with a specific resto but he insisted on the Riverwatch Floating Resto which seemed to be the most popular anyway. Our buffet lunch cost us P300 per pax. We were escorted unto the first departing boat which already had people eating even while docked. Once we sat down, the boat went on its way.

Bohol20090620-Nikon 073

Bohol20090620-Sony 019

The buffet (above) had a standard fare of fish, pork, barbecue, pansit, shrimps, etc. The dessert was also typical. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad.

Bohol20090620-Nikon 082

They even had a little band on board for entertainment.

Bohol20090620-Sony 018

Apparently there were groups that were waiting along side the river to give the river boats some entertainment as we passed by. We saw two groups along the river that time, but of course we only stopped at one.

Bohol20090620-Nikon 083

Lunch and entertainment aside. The boat cruise itself was quite interesting. A nice peaceful and serene cruise. Actually the only thing that really ruined it for me was the band. Not that they were bad… they were actually quite good. They played a lot of oldies… Jasper (here enjoying some BBQ) didn’t know most of the songs I considered “common”… gasp! Tanda ko na.

Bohol20090620-Nikon 084

Bohol20090620-Nikon 091  
Another group waiting to entertain… we didn’t stop here… and they didn’t seem like they were expecting us.

That said… it was a good and satisfying lunch. Definitely a required stop for any visitor to Bohol.

to be continued…

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