Friday, June 12, 2009 (Independence Day). At the invitation of Joanna, went on a day-trip dive along with Yancy and Johnny. The destination… Anilao, Batangas… and the Aquaventure Reefclub. We met at Petron/McDo on the SLEX at 6:30am. Almost didn’t push through ‘cuz it was raining heavily in Metro Manila. But no, Joanna snidely texted to me “we’re not diving in Metro Manila you no.”

We got to the Aquaventure at around 9am… made previous arrangements with our divemaster to start at 10am… but he was late from his previous dive group. So in the meantime we lounged around.

Diving in Anilao


Anyway… we got to kick off on our dive at around 11:00am. We suited up and the bangkeros loaded up our gear and our tanks on the bangka.

This was my first dive in a couple of years and I was so thrilled that I still fit into my wetsuit. Or rather, that my wetsuit fit me again (yes there was an “era” when it didn’t fit).



Wohoo! We’re off.


The Yosi twins Joanna and Yancy. These two smoked whenever they could.


That’s our first destination in the distance. Our first dive is at Layag-Layag. Please see map for more details. Our second dive was at Twin Rocks. Not sure why, I didn’t see any two ricks that looked alike.

Misc. Diving Photos (courtesy of Joanna’s Camera)






After the initial photos, I didn’t take much pics off my camera. First, since I didn’t have a real underwater casing, I couldn’t bring it below. Plus after the dives. I was too pagod to take pics… and back in the resort my camera was at the bottom of my drybag.

We got back at around 2:30pm or so. We washed out gear than we have a late lunch. It was a great buffet at the Reef Club’s second floor restaurant area. I always loved their buffet… simple comfort food. Yum.

At around 4pm we made our way back to Manila.